Monthly Archives: September 2006

El Grito

On the evening of September 15, all of Mexico celebrates “El Grito de Dolores”, commemorating the cry to revolution raised in 1810 by Padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. In Todos Santos, most of the town gathers at the main square, “el zocalo” and has a celebration. The town founding festival, “Festival del Pilar”, is one month away, October 12, and the vote for the Queen of the Festival happens after the grito. There is also a dance until the wee hours of the morning in the zocalo. In an odd system, women dance for free, but the men must pay 50 pesos (about $5 US) for a badge that allows them to dance. In the photos, the mayor shouts the call to arms while waving the flag, the candidates for queen are on stage, and the zocalo is full of people awaiting the results of the vote and the ensuing dance.

Flash Flood 2006!

On September 7, we had a little flash flood here in Todos Santos. A LOT of rain came down very fast and the ground was already thoroughly saturated with water from previous rains and Hurricane John. The foot hight water in el callejon rose to 3-5 feet in a matter of minutes and some people were trapped. The entire huerta was flooded from side to side and water ran like a river out to the ocean. It lasted several hours. Thanks to Dan Binetti of Ricardo Amigo Real Estate for this dramatic photo. Dan and the owner of the white 4Runner suffered no lasting harm. But you might want to reconsider building a home in the huerta area.

Why a Blog?

One of the most frequent complaints received via email at Todos Santos Pages is that we don’t update the El Calendario page often enough. This BLOG is my personal attempt to post news more rapidly.  This blog is not affiliated with El Calendario even though I co-publish the magazine. The news articles are not confined to Todos Santos. Whatever I find about Mexico that you might like or that I like, I post.