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Heaven, Earth, Tequila

This is not about Todos Santos, but rather relates to Mexico. Check out Douglas Menuez’s wonderful photos in his slideshow at this address: Heaven, Earth, Tequila

(If you are accessing from Todos Santos, be aware that the slideshow will not be continuous due to the recent degradation of the speed of our internet access. It’s getting better but it cannot keep up with this slideshow display.)

Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje al Corazón de México is a journey of discovery into the heart and soul of Mexico. What started as an exploration of the 9,000-year tradition of tequila fermentation paints a colorful tableau of the culture, pride and passion of Mexican people.

Over the past four years, award-winning photographer Douglas Menuez traveled through Jalisco state documenting the traditions from which tequila is born, from the history of the agave plant to how its most famous product became a symbol of Mexico.


Pueblo Magico, Tropical Storm Paul, and slow DSL

First of all, it looks like we are dodging another storm bullet. Paul appears to be self-destructing and should bring some more rain but no destructive winds to our area. Gracias a dios!

And now for some photos from yesterday’s ceremonies…

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The stage setting where everything happened.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The official logo.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The governor arrives.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The crowds anticipates.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The rain arrives too.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The crowd scatters.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
After resuming the program, the dignitaries applaud Todos Santos’ new status.

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The dignitaries leave the stage to join the crowd.

The kids sing the “Todos Santos” song.

Sunset Todos Santos Pueblo Magico
The sun sets on cloudy skies.

Dance at Pueblo Magico Ceremonies Todos Santos
Some of the dancing performed for the celebration.

Mariachis from La Paz DIF
The DIF Mariachis from La Paz.

There were other activities, more music and dance and free regional food and drinks served. There was a public dance but the band arrived late as the entrance to town from La Paz was not passable due to rains in the mountains. All in all it was a different kind of party, one with less intoxication and a lot more cultural value. Todos Santos showed its best side this night.

Lastly, DSL internet has been slow since last Wednesday. Depending on the time of day, the speed can be 1/20 to 1/2 of what we should be getting. Uploading these updates is a slow process.

Rain Rain Rain

The Pueblo Magico ceremonies happened. But they were interrupted for 10 minutes by sudden rain shower. Everyone was preparing to move into the teatro and then the rain stopped, people reassembled and the show went on. Good show too. Displayed the cultural heritage of Todos Santos rather well. We’ll post photos tomorrow. The party still goes on as I type.

Bad side of the story is that you can’t get to the otro lado right now. It must have rained a LOT more in the mountains because the arroyos are running full. You cannot leave Todos Santos to the north (La Paz) as the Las Quintas arroyo is too high. You can’t get across the huerta either. Calle Manguito might be passable now or if not, in less than an hour. No news on whether you can get to Pescadero or not. It really didn’t rain much right here in Todos Santos but that shows how much more important the rain in the mountains is when it comes to arroyos flooding.

Okay, I couldn’t help it – here’s a photo…

Todos Santos Pueblo Magico

Starting on the right, we have the president of La Paz county, the governor of Baja California Sur, the federal secretary of tourism and the state secretary of tourism. This was taken after the rain shower.

Rainy Day Dream Away!

Even as Hurricane Paul slightly changes his trajectory and is projected to move more south of Cabo San Lucas (and thus spare Todos Santos from high winds) the rains have begun. In less than 1 hour, the Pueblo Magico ceremonies are to begin but what happens if it’s raining?

Skies are grey. The sun is absent. No rain at this moment but…

More Pueblo Magico Ceremony Info

Here’s some expanded information on the happenings for October 23’s “Pueblo Magico” ceremony:

Dignitaries attending will include Federal Tourism Secretary Lic. Rodolfo Elizondo, Governor of BCS Lic. Narciso Agundez Montaño, President of the County of La Paz Prof. Victor Castro Cosió, State Tourism Secretary Lic. Alberto Teviño Angulo, President of the Pueblo Magico Committee Dr. Fernando Salas and Mayor of Todos Santos C. Jesús Ramón Beltrán Guluarte.

Events will include various poetry reading, songs and dances by local students and residents. There will be two musical events and a public dance – assuming that Tropical Storm Paul doesn’t dump rain on us by Monday evening.

Pueblo Magico, Crosswalks, Otro Lado Roads, Hotdog Cartel and Tropical Storm Paul

Amazing! Just when all of us who live here relaxed, confident that the summer storm season was over, up pops Paul, currently a tropical storm but forecast to become a category 1 hurricane and head directly for Baja Sur. Oh well, vamos a ver (we will see.) Check this link for more info: NOAA Tropical Weather Site

todos santos hurricanes

The roads on “el otro lado” have received some attention lately. Many of the deep crevasses have been filled in with dirt and some of the worst stretches have been smoothed out. There is evidence in other parts of town that the “missing” road grader has done some work also. Slowly, the road situation is improving, but if Paul comes for a visit, you can bet that the roads will be an absolute mess once again.

How do all those supposedly independent hot dog vendors know to raise the price at the same time? It’s impossible to know but sometime in the last week or so, the price of hot dogs (from the night time street vendors) rose 20% to 12 pesos per doggie. That’s almost the cost of a quart of ice cold beer!

The road construction on Militar continues, mostly to put more wires and cables underground but also to make nifty looking rock crosswalks at all the corners and install antique lightposts. As the workers move up the street, ripping the new asphalt apart in order to replace it with rock, the highway is not passable once again. Sometime this coming week the crosswalks should all be finished. Care to hazard a guess as to what will follow?

Rock crosswalks

Underground cables

More underground cables

Finally, more Pueblo Magico celebration news. First, the midway from the Festivales Tradicionales is still setup, apparently waiting for the October 23 happenings before leaving town. Here’s the schedule of events as we now know it:

5:00 pm Music by the State Government Band
5:30 pm Declaration of Pueblo Magico
6:00 pm Festival, including:
Todos Santos Song
Performance Dances
Poetry of Todos Santos
Coastal Dance from Sinaloa
More Poetry
Unveiling of the Pueblo Magico Poster
Presentation by Artist Jame Martinez
Popular Dance with music by El Cuervo

All of the above will be in the main plaza.

That Highway Construction Yet Again

Yesterday and today, the workers have once again been digging up the highway. This time it looks like they are putting even more tubing in for wires and cables, building accesses for the new sewer lines and continuing to build medians between the sidewalk and road for plants. More big time politicos are coming for the Pueblo Magico ceremonies on October 23, so most likely they will clean up the mess before then and afterwards, once again tear up the highway and proceed with the work at hand.