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Not Your Average Winter

That’s the truth. The surf has been much less than in past years, although we have some hope of good waves, tide and winds this weekend. We had two solid weeks of mostly cold gray rainy days and nights. That seems to be over now but Tuesday night, Jan 23, the temperature dipped to 46 F according to my neighbor Bruce Kramer. He told me that in the 15+ years that he has lived here, the coldest temperature he has measured was 44 F, so it was chilly. Inside my trailer (Prowler to the intiated) it was 49 F. Brrrrr!

Things are beginning to hop around here. Lot of Art Festival preparations and the pace of events is picking up. Last Saturday, the gala Charity event happened in the evening. I am told it was successful but I did not attend. Earlier that day, Claude Vogel’s new photobook on Todos Santos was revealed in a 3 hour presentation at Kali Rodriguez’s house. I didn’t make that one either since I was up to my eyeballs in work for El Calendario, hoping to make the impending deadline.

This Saturday, Galeria de Todos Santos has the reception for new works by Michael Cope and Erick Ochoa. Later the same evening, Nunsense hits the stage at Teatro Marquez de Leon in downtown Todos Santos.


What Is That Yellow Round Thing In The Sky?

For the first time in about 2 weeks, we have a truly sunny day. Can you hear the cheering of the happily recharging solar systems?

It will take 2-3 more days of full sun to dry out everything. There is mud everywhere.

La Copa Tapas, Buena Vida, La Iguana and Chef Dany Cooking Class

And rain…did I neglect to mention that it is still raining with no end in sight. The “equipatas” arrived early this year. Last year (2006) after nearly a 10 year absence, the winter rains returned in February. In 2007, they arrived in January. We had a very few hours of sun yesterday but that’s been it. Grey skies, cold weather and no sun. The satellite photos show no break in the moist cold air covering Baja from the southwest.

Fun happenings…Michael Cope is cooking at La Copa wine bar. Good stuff too…

Michael Cope La Copa
Michael Cope doing his “thing.”

la copa
Opening night for tapas at La Copa.

Chef Dany Lamote from the Hotel California had his first cooking class this week at the home of Sylvia St. Clair. The students prepared a 5 course gourmet meal that included squash soup, steamed clams and mussels, roasted duck, strawberries in mint, marinated marlin filets and mango ice cream. Yummmiiieeee!Chef Dany cooking class

Jesse’s bistro, Buena Vida, is open and going full force serving pizzas and salads and wine. The old building was artfully restored and has a wonderful ambiance.

Buena Vida

Buena Vida

As noted in a previous post, La Iguana is open again on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday is reggae night with Acero Caliente.

La Iguana Acero Caliente
Acero Caliente rocks La Iguana.

Dancing at la iguana
Looks like a really fun time!

La Iguana
The facade of La Iguana, trash in the street and all.

And lastly, my friend Lucia has the most wonderful turtle tatoo at the base of her very lovely neck. Check it out!

Lucia Tortuga

That’s all for now…

Some Interesting Stuff

I have to apologize for the delays in posting. I am so busy with the photo gallery, El Calendario and just trying to live that the blog is getting left behind. But here’s some tidbits…

Marco and Sergio have indeed re-opened La Iguana, Todos Santos’ only nightclub. On Friday nights they have reggae music featuring Acero Caliente, the same band that was playing at Santana’s before they closed. On Saturday nights they have a rock band whose name I have yet to discover. Men pay a 50 peso cover but women get in for free. It was very full of happy dancing folk last Friday and I’ll post some photos later in the week.

It has rained here 3 of the last 4 days/nights. It is getting a bit boring, grey skies and wetness. The weather is odd too. Last night it drizzled at 9:30 and by 10:30 the skies were totally clear, full of stars. But by 1 am it started raining again and continued until well after daylight.

Michael Cope of Galeria Todos Santos fame, is cooking tapas every Wednesday through Friday, 5 – 9 pm, at La Copa, the wine bar of the Todos Santos Inn. The place was packed for all three nights during the opening week. There are several seafood dishes and one pork dish. I am certain the menu will change depending on what fresh ingredients Michael can secure. Also, La Copa now has their own wine label. Check it out!

Coming soon opposite the park by the still non-functioning stoplight, will be La Pastora Deli featuring salads, wines, sandwiches and other organic items. The deli is on schedule to open in early February.

As part of our ongoing consolidation of the “El Calendario” franchise, we are planning to post the full February issue on the web using our new domain names, and

These are exciting times…

Happy New Year!

The New Year’s party at the Hotel California was a blast. Maybe not as wild as last year but lots of fun. There were many more parties around town this year than last, including at Canada del Diablo and Buena Vida (Jessie and Leon’s new bistro.) The hotel party featured food and champagne, a reggae band and then Flashback, fire dancers and balloons.

pink champagne on ice
Pink Champagne on Ice

reggae band
The reggae band…

Thanks For the Memories
Thanks For the Memories…

fire dancing
Fire Dancing…

Flashback with Guest Kelly Gaughan.

Lots of things to share. First of all, the Todos Santos Art Festival is Feb 3 – 10. If you want to know more about the art fest, check out this page:  Todos Santos Art Festival

The Todos Santos Latin Film Festival is set for March 1-4. All films will be at Teatro Marques de Leon.

Speaking of the Teatro, there is a fund raising benefit for the theatre on Jan 20, 2007. Monies raised will be used towards its continuing renovation.  The benefit will include “a night of jazz music, appetizers, wine and a presentation for the Teatro Marques de Leon renovation.” Tickets are 200 pesos each and available at El Tecolote Bookstore and the Hotel California.

On Jan 27, Galeria de Todos Santos has an art reception for a week long show featuring works by Erick Ochoa and Michael Cope. Also the same evening,  the musical comedy “Nunsense” will be presented at the theatre with the Todos Santos cast including Robert Hall, Elena Ascensio, Rhoda Jacobs, Kelly Gaughan and Valma Brenton. Tickets ae $15 US and available at El Tecolote Bookstore and the Hotel California.

Sadly, there will not be a Reggae Festival this year. With luck it will return in 2008.

Surfing was good today…have a peek!

fun surf


baja surf