Daily Archives: January 26, 2007

Not Your Average Winter

That’s the truth. The surf has been much less than in past years, although we have some hope of good waves, tide and winds this weekend. We had two solid weeks of mostly cold gray rainy days and nights. That seems to be over now but Tuesday night, Jan 23, the temperature dipped to 46 F according to my neighbor Bruce Kramer. He told me that in the 15+ years that he has lived here, the coldest temperature he has measured was 44 F, so it was chilly. Inside my trailer (Prowler to the intiated) it was 49 F. Brrrrr!

Things are beginning to hop around here. Lot of Art Festival preparations and the pace of events is picking up. Last Saturday, the gala Charity event happened in the evening. I am told it was successful but I did not attend. Earlier that day, Claude Vogel’s new photobook on Todos Santos was revealed in a 3 hour presentation at Kali Rodriguez’s house. I didn’t make that one either since I was up to my eyeballs in work for El Calendario, hoping to make the impending deadline.

This Saturday, Galeria de Todos Santos has the reception for new works by Michael Cope and Erick Ochoa. Later the same evening, Nunsense hits the stage at Teatro Marquez de Leon in downtown Todos Santos.