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Todos Santos Art Festival 2007, Other Social Events and La Residencia

First let me apologize for how long it has taken to post this…just too much to be done and too little time to do it all.

The 2007 Todos Santos Art Festival was a success with a large and varied assortment of music, dance and theatre offerred every night. Highlights included Mexican pop star “Estrella” on opening weekend as well as folk dancers from the state of Coahuila and Cuban music group “Carlos y su Grupo IRE” on the closing weekend.

Todos Santos Art Festival
Todos Santos Art Festival 2007

Todos Santos Art Festival
Crafts Area at the Festival.

Todos Santos Art Festival
Blanket Weaving at the Festival.

Todos Santos Baja Art Festival
Pop Star Estrella Sings.

Todos Santos Baja Art Festival
She Plays Guitar Too!

Todos Santos Art Festival
The Crowd at Night!

Todos Santos Art Festival
Dancers From Coahuila, Mexico.

Todos Santos Art Festival
More Dancing from Coahuila.

Todos Santos Art Festival
Carlos y Su Grupo IRE from Cuba.

Porsche was in town during the time of the Art Festival also. Apparently Central and South American dealers were being shown a good time in Baja Sur and this included some time in Todos Santos with refreshments served at the Hotel California. So if you ever wondered what $2 million worth of brand new Porsches looks like, feast your eyes.

Lots of Porsches in Todos Santos

There was an art opening at the Hotel California on February 17, a very last minute thing, showing works of Roberto Rodriguez and Manuel Velazquez.

Todos Santos Hotel California

The same night, February 17, Daniel Siqueiros played at Cafe Brown. Daniel is incredibly talented and played guitar and electric violin accompanied by his computer. The cafe was packed and the music was intense.

Todos Santos Music

The Todos Santos Film Festival happens March 1 – 4 at the Prof. Nestor Agundez Cultural Center. Normally the films are shown at the Marquez de Leon Theatre but the building is unavailable this year due to remodeling.  Here’s the poster:

Todos Santos Film Festival

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to visit La Residencia in San Jose del Cabo, right next to Zippers. It’s a full ownership condo thing, 5 floors high with outstanding views of Palmilla and the coast. Construction is about 1/2 finished and the place is incredibly designed with all the finest finishes and touches. Very high tech also. There are three units still unsold starting at $1.7 million US so get in touch if you are interested and I’ll point you in the right direction. <g> I did take some photos from the roof and even though the day was hazy, the views are outstanding.

La Residencia North View
View to the North.

La Residencia South View
View to the South, notice Palmilla on the hill.

And finally, my daughter took the best photo yet of me working at the beach. Of course I am photographing surfers. It’s a hard job, but some one has to do it.

Todos Santos Surfing

Thanks for your kind attention. Hopefully it won’t take so long for the next post.

Big Happenings!

El Calendario de Todos Santos, the guide to town, is finally available for viewing on the web in its entirety at

The Art Festival begins tomorrow, Feb 3, and lasts through Feb 10. There are a LOT of people in town already on Friday.

It rained nearly all night Wednesday, Jan 31, making this the wettest winter that I can remember.

Last weekend, Jan 27/28, after a long drought, surf conditions finally coincided with a good swell and everyone got waves. I have some great photos of the sunny day (27) and the grey day (28) and I’ll try to post them this weekend.

I am discovering how hard it is to keep this blog up to date when so much starts happening. Be patient please. I’ll get it all on line sooner or later.