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What Are Those Guys Doing?

I arrived at the gallery/office this morning and was shocked to see telephone cables laying cut and loose on the sidewalk. Two men were working on the roof. I had a bad feeling. Immediately upon entering the gallery, I checked the phone. Milagro! It still worked! About 1 hour later, the phone and internet stopped working. I went out to check with the guys on the roof. They asked my phone number and said they would fix it. I asked them what they were doing. They responded that they were removing all the telephone wires from poles and putting them in the underground tubing that had been laid last summer when the highway was renovated as part of the Pueblo Magico scheme of things. WOW! Really? Yep, really. After all the wires have been moved, workers will come and remove the poles too.

Telmex Worker in Todos Santos
Friendly Wave From the Telmex Guy!


More Tropical Storms

Tropical depression 3E has reared its ugly head many hundreds of miles south of us. It was easy to know that something was happening as the weather once again warmed considerably overnight and that very cool northwest breeze off the ocean just didn’t feel the same. It was warmer and sometimes the wind shifted to west and then west-southwest. No way this storm will affect us other than the warming trend. But this now makes 3 storms (this one should get a name later today or tomorrow) and we aren’t even a full month into the storm season.

As always you can follow the tropical weather news at Weather Underground.

More Construction Details

I know that I have ranted a bit about all the new construction going on in the central area of Todos Santos, so here is the photo proof with some simple descriptions.

todos santos construction
On Calle Degollado, aka Highway 19, once feared to be an ATV rental location, you can plainly see these palapas will be used for sale of arts and crafts.

todos santos
Same location, same story.

todos santos
Corner of Militar (Highway 19) and Zaragoza. The Judicial were once based here. Look for Ana San Sushi bar here in September. Most likely will also house other shops.

todos santos news
Corner of Militar (Highway 19) and Marquez de Leon. I was told this will be a retail plaza, i.e. more shops.

todos santos
Corner of Militar (Highway 19) and Obregon. Future home of Cabo based fruit and veggie distributor, Lizarraga.

todos santos
Corner of Juarez and Obregon. Another retail shop plaza.

todos santos
Corner of Juarez and Topete. Yet another retail/office plaza. At least this one has the historic colonial look.

todos santos hotel
Juarez between Topete and Obregon, above Amerimex Real Estate offices. Future home of Hotel Amerimex – just kidding about the name – I think I heard it would be Hotel Alegria but I can’t recall for certain.

todos santos bank
Juarez between Zaragoza and Morelos, next to tienda ISSTTE. Said to be a new bank, Bancomer, and retail shops.

todos santos
Degollado between Olachea and Pedrajo. Said to be a retail plaza with temporary space for Tequila Sunrise restaurant, whose current location will be undergoing massive remodeling very soon.

Summer Issue of El Calendario is Online

Late last night, I managed to post the summer issue of El Calendario. You can find it here:

The print issue should be on the streets by Friday at the latest.


More Weather…

Well it worked out fine. The two storms, Alvin and Barbara, did their thing and are no longer affecting our weather. But it was certainly different to have the night time temps go up 15 degrees F in 24 hours. That’s what it was…Sunday night it was 53 and Monday night 68. Just like that! Last night it was back down to 58-60 and this morning was foggy. This is more like our normal June “gloom” weather. Foggy cool morns with the sun clearing it all up by noon. I still think this episode hints at the summer to come.