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Guess I Shouldn’t Have Said Anything

About the weather that is. No sooner than I did and storms formed to the south and adios good weather. Last night at 11:30 it was still 84F and this morning at 7:30 it was only 78F. Not much of a temp range. No breeze. Muggy. Humid. Not nice. TS Henriette is churning the ocean south of us and sending warm moist air our way. More about her on Weather Underground.

Right now the best guesses of the experts put this storm right on track to mess with us big time. Let’s hope something changes over the weekend. We need the rain but we don’t need a hurricane that close to us.

The governor of Baja Sur and the mayor of La Paz and some other dignitaries came to visit on Tuesday, August 28, to talk about the future. I have some photos and I’ll post more tomorrow.


Did I Mention The Weather?

It is shaping up as a most unusual summer. Here in Todos Santos, we haven’t had that much rain. Granted there haven’t been many tropical storms south of us yet, but still it has rained in La Paz, Los Cabos and Pescadero way more than here.

What is really odd is the “coolness” of the summer. If we aren’t overcast, the daytime temps are in the low 90s, fairly normal – but at night we continue to cool off into the 70s and there is still a breeze off the ocean, both during the day and at night. This is not normal for late August.

About a week ago we had a very odd wind reversal and it came from the south and southeast, almost Santa Ana winds of spring, and with the same result. It was dry and hot. Hot all day and all night. Yet it only lasted 2 days and then the cool northwest wind returned.

If we must have global climatic change, then here in Todos Santos, we can’t complain yet.

Another Community Loss

On Thursday, June 14, long time Todos Santos resident Joe Corado passed away. Joe is survived by his wife Alice and children Kerry, Gabriel and Joela. He and Alice had a long business history here including theRV caravan tours they used to lead down Baja, their association with Marc Spahr and Caffe Todos Santos, their partnership with Dick and Marge in the El Molino trailer park, the Sunday brunches at  the El Molino, and finally Alice’s Restaurant – now known as Shut Up Franks.

I have thousands of digital photos of Todos Santos dating back to 1999 and I cannot locate one of Joe. Sorry.

Vaya con dios Jose…

Saludos to Ed Henry (Belated)

This should have been posted in late May or early June, me culpa. Ed Henry passed away in late May after a SCUBA accident. Text and photo contributed by Kaia Thomson.

Ed Henry

Ed “Lalo” Henry will always be remembered by Todos Santos for his big smile, his cowboy hat tipped up just a bit in front and the time he always had for friends…old and new.

Ed’s love for Baja, second only to his love for his wife Carol and his family living on the east coast of the US, began on a dive trip to La Paz. Return trips for more SCUBA strengthened his affection for the land, sea, people and culture until finally one day in May of 2005, he and his wife decided that the descent down Highway 19 into Todos Santos was the road to their dream future in Baja Sur. Moving to Colonia Las Tunas in July of that same year Ed quickly established himself as the “guy on the cycle” and the “guy with the really big dog!”

Having 8 horses in your backyard finally enticed Ed to mount up one day, only to spark a new passion! This time it was one he could ride off happily into the sunset with Carol tambien to enjoy the beauty of the Baja! Galloping his horse across the sand on the beach, watching the whales a horseback or time in the desert, Ed discovered his own special appreciation of the Baja zen that is all around. People like Ed aren’t often aware of how much just being himself endeared him so deeply to those that knew him, he was to busy helping, giving, laughing and trying to pronounce bicycle in Spanish!

Carol is sure he would love to remind everyone how good the food is in Todos Santos, how the people are even better, the bumps in the road on Las Playitas make you appreciate the times it is graded, wave to El Jefe and please take your T- bone home to your dog after steak night!

Saludos a usted Lalo…siempre viva!

Todos Santos Master Plan

Since I missed all the prior meetings, I have some catching up to do.

On the table is a proposed outline of a 50 year development plan for the Todos Santos area including Pescadero, Los Cerritos and areas north of town out to Las Playitas.

The original plan drawings that surfaced in June were old and had never had community feedback. Some of the proposed changes drew sharp attention from locals. In a series of meetings, the overall scheme was explained, concerns heard, and a new citizen’s committee formed. This committee consists of concerned members of the community who are acting as the collective voice of residents. This is a good thing since the final draft of the plan needs to be given to the state government (I believe it’s the state) by September 18 (no confirmation on this date yet.) Once the various committees are finished, the plan drafters will encorporate the changes and send the plan along. Once the plan is open for discussion in the state congress, it will be possible but much harder to make changes.

It is MUCH easier to make changes now. I wish I could tell you who is on the citizen’s committee so that you could contact them, but right know I don’t know the list. I do know that Elena Moreno and her son John are very involved (John is on the committee) and they would be a good first point of contact if you have real issues with the current state of the plan.

I did learn that even though Todos Santos is having some serious infrastructure problems right now (e.g. the main town water well is in need of repairs and cannot supply water to all areas of town at the same time leading to rotating water blackouts of a longer duration that normal) the purpose of this development plan is not to address those issues. It is to set down a framework, including laws and regulations, that will control future development over a 50 year period, e.g. how many homes will be allowed per hectar of land in the various neighborhoods. All of these regulations will be going forward from the time of enactment and will not affect the current status quo.

This really is a good thing as Todos Santos is growing without any plan at all and the strain on services and neighborhoods is beginning to show. It will only intensify in the future.

The original plan maps were very large PDF files. I have reduced the size of each (but they are still 2-3 megs each) and you can view them (you do need Adobe Acrobat Reader) by clicking on the images below:

todos santos master plan
First Master Plan Map

August 20 Master Plan
August 20, 2007 Version

A Bit of a Vacation

Okay, it was more than a bit. Part of the time I was here but either busy or avoiding doing what I do all tourist season long. Part of the time I was in the US.

Now I am back and I do have things to post including more info, hopefully accurate, about this master plan mania that has descended upon Todos Santos. I missed all the meetings so I have some catching up to do.