Daily Archives: September 6, 2007

Henriette Image and Track

Here’s the single best image of Hurricane Henriette that I could find after the fact. I wasn’t around to capture stuff when she made landfall. No electricity. Too much wind. Too much rain.

From our friends at NOAA:

Hurricane Henriette Near Baja Mexico

And her track/history from AccuWeather and University of Hawaii:

Hurricane Henriette History Track

Henriette Track

And finally these gems from NOAA and Earth Observatory, Felix and Henriette both:

Hurricanes Felix and Henriette

Hurricanes Felix and Henriette

More to follow…

No Worries

Just a quick post to let you all know that Todos Santos did well. Hurricane Henriette’s last minute jog to the east and north spared us (once again, similar to Hurricane John last Labor Day weekend) the worst of the storm. I’ll post more as I can when time allows. All services are restored to the Todos Santos area and the roads are clear (but sometimes muddy) from here to La Paz and Los Cabos.