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More Master Plan

Deadlines are approaching and the committee is hard at work generating plan revisions. I managed to locate copies of the E-3 final for Todos Santos and Pescadero (separate) and the first draft of E-4 regional plan. You can download the original PDF files by clicking on the image below.

Todos Santos Master Plan
Todos Santos Area

Pescadero Master Plan
Pesadero Area

Regional Plan
Preliminary E4 Regional


Hurricane Henriette – A Backward Look

It is over. We were spared yet again, on nearly the same date, one year later – remember John? The storm just keep moving east east east and finally slid to land near San Jose del Cabo and remained on the east side of the mountains, meaning the strongest winds and rain had to fight their way across the mountain range to reach us in TS. I stayed in the trailer and did well. The electricity went off around 7 pm, came back briefly around 10:30 pm and then went out for good. Water went off by 5 pm. Cell phones went out when the electricity did and came back on about 18 hours later. I don’t know what happened with land lines as I didn’t have access to one during the storm. It rained enough but not so heavily as to cause flooding, at least in our area. The roads south and north are in good shape, i.e. to Los Cabos and La Paz. I had a business meeting in San Jose on Friday and Highway 19 was in great shape. The roads local to San Jose and San Lucas were in decent to very good shape. Traffic moved without problems.

That’s all for now…hopefully this won’t happen again this season. It took me 3 hours to prepare the trailer and my yard. I am hesitant to “unprepare” the trailer but it is time to get on with life in the tropical convergence zone.

This sad bit from Reuters News Service:

Henriette dumped rain around the resort of Acapulco on the weekend, and in Los Cabos a middle-aged foreign woman was killed walking on the beach on Monday as the storm’s approach sent 13-foot (4-metre) waves crashing onto the shore.

While looking for satellite images of Henriette, I discovered NASA Earth Observatory site. The natural hazards section has some incredible images of, you guessed it, natural hazards including hurricanes. Scroll down the this week’s events section for a start. Here’s the link:

Earth Observatory Natural Hazards

And now the last of the images I have collected…

Tracking maps from NOAA:

Hurricane Tracking Map

And from Weather Underground:

And finally more from NOAA and Earth Observatory:

I still have a few local photos, nothing special, but I will post them a bit later when I have time to process them. So that’s all folks!