Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

New Access to Todos Santos Pages Blog

I have setup a new domain, www.todossantos.net, that will be the future home of this blog. Right now you can access the blog from the new domain name. In the near future (as soon as I figure out the install and admin of wordpress on my own domain), the updates to the blog will only be posted on todossantos.net. Just FYI as I will let everyone know when the new domain is the only way to view the updated blog entries.


That Pesky Master Plan CD

At the final presentation they supplied discs with the entire plan and supporting documents, over 600 pages of stuff. Sadly, some of the files are .cdr, i.e. Corel Draw, and I can’t open them. Others are MSWord and PDF files. No problem there, but I still have not been able to locate the maps showing the final designations. At least I can’t find them in a large format PDF. I’ll keep looking. There is a lot of very interesting info on the disc, however, I find some of the info suspect as I am very well acquainted with one of the sources used. The planners searched the web for facts on Todos Santos and they located my www.todossantos-baja.com site and used some out of date stuff on restaurants and art galleries here in town. Makes me wonder what other info they have included that might be out of date. Food for thought…