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That Pesky Master Plan CD

At the final presentation they supplied discs with the entire plan and supporting documents, over 600 pages of stuff. Sadly, some of the files are .cdr, i.e. Corel Draw, and I can’t open them. Others are MSWord and PDF files. No problem there, but I still have not been able to locate the maps showing the final designations. At least I can’t find them in a large format PDF. I’ll keep looking. There is a lot of very interesting info on the disc, however, I find some of the info suspect as I am very well acquainted with one of the sources used. The planners searched the web for facts on Todos Santos and they located my site and used some out of date stuff on restaurants and art galleries here in town. Makes me wonder what other info they have included that might be out of date. Food for thought…


Fiestas Tradicionales Poster

Here’s the poster for this year’s festival.

Todos Santos Fiestas Tradicionales

Something Different – Photovoltaics, Yep Solar Panels

We get a lot of sunny days here in southern Baja. Many people have solar systems in their homes. Some because grid electricity isn’t available, some because they want to help slow down global warming and others because they just like the idea. Soon it may cost a whole lot less to equip a house with a full power solar system. Check out the news about low cost solar panels (coming soon):

No More Ivo

Well, he’s all but gone. As of 3 pm MDT, there will be no more advisories on Ivo. He is completely falling apart and is no longer a tropical cyclone. Also, he continues to move more to the south and now will not even cross Los Cabos, but rather will pass 40-50 miles south of the peninsula. Still no rain in Todos Santos.

Todos Santos Baja Mexico

How To Comment on the Master Plan

Elena Moreno supplies the following information.

If you want to comment, object or change elements of the Master Plan, you should contact:

Lic. Berta Montana Cota, 612-121-6423


Lic. Maria Elena Yee Savin, 612-121-6423

Master Plan Local Committee Members

President: Josefina Torres, 612-145-0063
Vice President: John Moreno, 612-140-3908
Artemisa Castro, 612-130-3172
Salvador Beltran, 624-141-6459
Javier Salgado, 612-145-0178
Steve Merrill, 612-152-7881
Euva Anderson, 612-141-6881

Info supplied by Euva. Thanks.

Bye Bye Ivo

It’s charmed, this place where we live. We have apparently ducked yet another weather system. The 12 noon information from NOAA shows IVO has already weakened to a tropical depression and is moving further south at 4 mph. He is expected to hit Cabo San Lucas or pass just south of the tip of the peninsula later Sunday night. It hasn’t rained yet in Todos Santos and we don’t have any winds worth noting. The skies are grey so let’s hope for rain later today and tomorrow.

Todos Santos