Single Parenting and Peace and Loaf Bakery

The week of March 10, my ex-wife who normally cares for our daughter during the week, went camping and I became a single parent. Not the easiest thing to accomplish while living in a small 24 foot trailer. My ex-wife drove her VW camper over and we set it up as sleeping space for my almost 13 year old daughter. School was on the other side of town, about 15 minutes from where I live. She had to be there at 7 am so wake up time was 5:30 am. Oh my, now that’s a lifestyle change for a late night guy like myself!

It all worked out fine though and we had a great time. I used the early wakeup as an opportunity to take photos that I normally would miss. Early morning walks on the beach, sun rising at dawn, and my friends and neighbors Gloria and George Ruenitz baking bread at Peace and Loaf. Here’s just a few of the shots.

Todos Santos Peace and Loaf

Todos Santos

Todos Santos Bakery

Todos Santos Gloria and George Ruenitz


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