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Now Something Totally Frivolous

I had almost forgotten about this photo. One day while waiting for surfers to catch waves, I looked up and saw dolphins playing. In all the time I have been here, in all my beach walks and surf photo days, I had never seen dolphins up in the air. I was lucky and got a few good photos.

Dolphins in Todos Santos

And finally, have you seen the mofle man? Of course, he is made out of car mufflers and exhaust pipes!

Todos Santos Mofles


Dia del Tambo

On Sunday, April 27, The Palapa Society had their annual Dia del Tambo, where mostly young kids paint trashcans that are later sold to local residents. This is a way to raise money for the Palapa Society’s programs and help keep the town cleaner. Here’s a peek at the mahem…

Dia Del Tambo Todos Santos

Some Fun Stuff

So April 30 is Children’s Day or Dia del NiƱo here in Todos Santos. The elementary schools select queens to represent each of the two schools and they have a little parade.

Children's day parade

On Sunday, April 20, my daughter and I went to El Triunfo to check out their 2nd annual art festival. El Triunfo is about 1 hour from Todos Santos, higher in the hills. It’s an old mining town currently trying to reinvent itself, with some success. The art festival has a bit of work ahead of it.

El Triunfo Art Festival

In the Casa del Arte (Art Museum) in El Triunfo, I found this gem. It’s a horse made from palm leaf fronds. I am not sure the photo does it justice. It is quite impressive in person.

El Triunfo Art Festival

It’s Getting Warmer!

Well it is supposed to get warmer as we approach May and June. This last week it is noticeable. The night time temps have risen at least 5 F – it’s now 55-60 F when I check the thermometer in the morning. The sun is much further to the east and even with DST, rising earlier and earlier and setting later. Daytime temps are on the warm side. No more need for jackets of any kind during the day. I would guess we are close to 80F in the shade. Of course, La Paz and Los Cabos are much hotter and will continue to be so.

The ocean is still cool, leading to many foggy mornings and some foggy afternoons. There hasn’t been much surf on this side at all. The East Cape is doing better in that regard. In fact the ocean has been downright calm most of the last 1-2 weeks – safe enough for swimming off the Las Tunas beach. That’s a rarity!

Today was the Palapa Society’s “Dia del Tambo” when the kids paint trash barrels that are then sold to raise money for the PS’s programs. I have some photos but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Lots of winter time residents have left town or are preparing to leave town. There are less events happening. The seasonal slow down is beginning.

And we are affected by the economic issues in the US. While we have lots of daytrippers from Los Cabos checking out TS, it seems that overnight tourists just aren’t here in the normal numbers. I know that our vacation rental is having one of it’s poorer seasons.

Ah, one other thing. I should know better but I don’t always take a camera with me on my daily morning beach walk. Last Tuesday I regretted that choice. There was a dead squid on the beach. It was newly washed up on the shore, still had its eyes and wasn’t chewed up at all. The body was about 3 feet long, the head and tentacles another 1-2 feet. It was big! Wish I had a photo to share with you all. I returned the next morning with camera but alas, there was no squid to be found.

Recycling Arrives in Todos Santos

Hey this is big news! Recently recycling began in La Paz but this meant having to haul your stuff on a two hour round trip journey. Unless you were already going to La Paz for something it didn’t really work out well. But now Patricia Baum and her group, Todos Tortugueros A.C. is sponsoring a local recycling center. They will accept #1 and #2 plastic free of liquids and also clear glass. They will then take it to the processing plant in La Paz.

Materials are being accepted on Saturdays from 1-3 pm at Paty’s house on calle Rangel. Her phone number is 612-145-0882 and her email is

This should cut down on the amount of plastic being burned at the local landfill. Less landfill, cleaner air and the plastic being reused. That’s a winning combo!

Still Here in Todos Santos

Sorry for the lack of posts. Life’s other important stuff just took precedence. Not that much has been happening here. The malaise that has gripped the US has infected us also. We normally have a serious lull the first two weeks of April, commonly attributed to US income tax time. But this year is worse. During the last two weeks of March, there was an easy to see lack of people in town. Daytrippers from Cabo still visit, shop, and eat a meal or two, but overnight rentals are way down and foot traffic is too. I can even park in front of my office without too much difficulty! Not a good sign. Maybe things will pick up in late May and early June, as they usually do, but this doesn’t seem to be a usual tourist season.

Our friends at Peace and Loaf bakery are closing for the season on April 19. There just aren’t enough customers to justify staying open longer. La Esquina takes a 3 week vacation beginning April 16. Cafe d’Alicia is open Wednesday-Sunday after being closed most of the season due to employee issues.

On the sad side, there are new problems in the area. Burglaries are up quite a bit. It seems every week one hears of a new home break in, many during daylight hours. It seems Todos Santos is now on the map, for better or for worse. Some of the breakins are obviously the work of druggies but others seem to be semipro, with the bad guys casing houses the day before and then coming back for the score. I recently heard of an empty home north on the Playitas road being totally emptied of everything. The house was vacant for 3 months and when the owners returned, everything had been taken. I am a firm believer in big dogs like my Rottweiler, Fiona. (Knock on wood!)

Here’s a photo taken yesterday at sunset on the beach by my daughter Cosima.

Todos Santos Beach Sunset

Yep, that’s yours truly seeking shells at sunset.

Did you know that the most viewed posts on this blog are the two bikini contest ones? I didn’t make it to the contest so I don’t have photos. I imagine that’s what people are looking for, babes in bikinis. So I guess I’ll search the photo archives and make a new bikini post to placate the skin searchers.

April Issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos is Online

I just now finished posting the new April 2008 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos. You can view it here: