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Happy Birthday Blog! Two Years Old Today!

That was an amazingly fast two years. It must be true what they say about how time passes faster as you get older.

Check it out – September 30, 2006 was the very first blog entry. There was a flash flood that day. The callejon flooded in minutes. Dan Binetti and Doug Alani were caught in the waters, Doug much worse than Dan. Firemen came to the rescue, got in trouble and then had to be rescued themselves. Ah, the good old days.

No floods today. Today’s theme is HEAT! It’s hot. Hot. Hot. Humid and oppressive. I can’t recall it feeling hotter. Even the a/c has to work extra to cool it off.

So light a candle, tell a bad joke and make your plans to return to Todos Santos as soon as you can.

Here’s a September 13 photo of the ongoing progress in the courtyard of the new Galeria de Todos Santos and restaurant. I’ll be taking more soon.

Courtyard / Backyard of The New Galeria de Todos Santos

Courtyard / Backyard of The New Galeria de Todos Santos

New Banorte Building in Todos Santos

Some of you may know that the Banorte, the bank currently on the corner of Juarez and Obregon, will be changing locations soon. According to the bank manager, they will be in the new digs by October 12. Vamos a ver! Here’s the state of the construction of the new building, located on Marquez de Leon between Juarez and Militar, as of September 13. It is much further along now and I will get another photo soon.

The New Banorte Bank Building, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

The New Banorte Bank Building, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

2009 Todos Santos Art Festival Dates

I have just been informed that the confirmed official dates for the 2009 Todos Santos Art Festival are Jan 31 – Feb 7. For more info on the Todos Santos Art Festival check the link below:

Todos Santos Art Festival

Cool Photo and Some Thoughts From Todos Santos

Okay, first it is still hot. No storms anywhere but it’s hot and muggy and looks like and smells like rain but it won’t rain! ‘Nuff said.

On Friday mornings, I take my daughter to school. She has to be there by 7 a.m. Last Friday, as I drove away, I happened to notice birds flying around the local cellphone tower. I stopped and took this photo of Zopilotes (turkey vultures) roosting in the tower. I like it, hope you do too.

Zopilotes (Turkey Vultures) Roosting in the TelCel Tower

Zopilotes (Turkey Vultures) Roosting in the TelCel Tower

Banish the Thought! Summer is Still Here!

I know I have written a lot about the weather this summer. But let’s face it, there isn’t much happening in Todos Santos over the hot summer so the weather is news. The summer began nearly a month early so it wasn’t that far of a reach for people to think that maybe it would end early. For 10 days or so after TD Lowell passed north of town, the temps dropped about 10F – totally unheard of for early September. One night the temps dipped to 71F, well below the usualy 80-83F. You could hear mumurs around town, “Summer is over.”

Forget it! Summer is here. With a vengeance. Today is one of the hottest muggiest days we have had yet. It’s got to be 99% humidity out there and it refuses to rain. We had 30 seconds of attempted rain earlier this morning but all it did was make it even more humid and muggy. There are not any potential tropical storms brewing – this is just summer flexing its muscles.

Oddly enough, the tropical storm experts are saying we may indeed have seen the end of the threat of dangerous storms for southern Baja, nearly 1 month early. This has something to do with larger weather patterns that are bringing mostly drier air south to us and creating shearing winds that inhibit storm development. If true, this is a very welcome happening, especially for someone (like moi) who currently lives in a travel camper.

I have personal good news on this front too – my building plans are finished and I am awaiting my building permit. I could have a house again before this time next year. And yes, I will photo-document the process. You will be reading about it here. Count on it!

More Galeria de Todos Santos Move Info

As most of you already know, Michael and Pat Cope have moved the location of the venerable Galeria de Todos Santos. After nearly 15 years adjacent to the Todos Santos Inn, they are now located in the former Maya Roca real estate building. The restaurant will be in this location also and has a new name, “Michael’s at the Gallery” – simple and direct, right?

The remodeling is not completely finished yet but you can get a good idea of the new look from the photos below. I just can’t wait for the restaurant to reopen, can you?

Inside the new Galeria de Todos Santos

Inside The New Galeria de Todos Santos

More Inside Views of Galeria de Todos Santos

More Inside Views of Galeria de Todos Santos

The Brand New Galeria de Todos Santos Art Gallery

The Brand New Galeria de Todos Santos Art Gallery

Oh Boy! More Rain in Todos Santos!

This has to be the wettest summer I have experienced in my 12 years here. We have already had a full summer’s worth of rain (or more) by my accounting and there is no sign of the end. Right now (9:15 am) it is raining moderately hard and it has been doing so off and on since 8 am. On my ride into town to see the now canceled Independence Day Parade, already saturated roads turned into small rivers of muddy water. The low spot in the callejon was at least 2 feet high with water already. New gullies were being carved into the dirt roads on the other side. The Playitas road is a mess.

But the desert is GREEN! REALLY GREEN!!

Last night at the El Grito ceremony, it began to rain. Lightly but steadily. The program continued but I wasn’t able to take photos until the rain let up so I missed the presentation of the candidates for Queen of the Festivales Patronales, the Fesitval del Pilar in October. I did manage to get some other photos including of El Grito and the ringing of the bell. I’ll post them soon.

The annual El Grito parade was canceled here in Todos Santos. It starting raining after the students all arrived for the parade so as you see below, there were lots of wet kids around.

Here’s the view of the rain from my office patio:

Yet More Summer Rain!!!

Yet More Summer Rain!!!