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Mid-November El Calendario de Todos Santos

I just now have posted the mid-November issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos. You can view the issue in its entirety at the link below – just scroll down the page until you see the November 2008 icon and click!


An Interesting Take on Travel and Crime in Mexico

I like to share interesting web stories and blogs about Mexico that come to my attention. Christine Delsol, who did a great story on Todos Santos some time ago for SFGate, has some very focused thoughts on travel in Mexico, including Baja. You can read all about it here:

Staying Safe South of the Border

Quick Todos Santos Weather Note

I can’t seem to find time to catch up on the blog – all I can say is have patience, I’ll get there. Meanwhile, work on my new house is cruising right along. Every day brings a new unexpected issue to be dealt with, sometimes a devastatingly important issue. My mornings are totally shot. I am managing to continue the morning beach walks but that’s about it. With luck I will find some rearrangement of time that allows more blogging.

About the middle of last week, Nov 5 or 6, the weather finally really broke. Daytime temps dropped noticably and nighttime temps lost about 10 F – we had some low 60’s and now are below 70F every night, even the cloudy nights. The days are shorter and you can tell. It’s dark by 6 pm or so. The general consensus is that this was the longest and hottest summer that most residents, foreign or Mexican, can recall. I concur. It was hot for a long time.

Last night I had to close the trailer windows and look for a second blanket. Ah, the delights of fall!!!

While tourism is definitely down, more people are coming to town finally. Part time residents are returning also. So there are more bodies around, more cars on the streets and less parking places in town. Welcome to the season, however it finally reveals itself.

New Todos Santos Band – Clacson!!!

Watch out Flashback! There’s a new band in town and they rock too. Clacson, featuring Dominique Sawyer on vocals, Eddie Tibbets on guitar, Alberto Poli on bass and sometimes Doug Alani on sax/flute/harmonica. The band has a drummer too but he wasn’t present at this practice and honestly, I don’t know his name yet. Ooopppsss! The band is a lot of fun – they cover many rhythm and blues songs including James Brown. Sometimes they seem to be stuck in the 80’s – they even do KC and the Sunshine Band. At least you can dance to it!

Clacson - Practice at Casa Alani, Todos Santos

Clacson - Practice at Casa Alani, Todos Santos

You will be seeing more photos of this band as they play other venues around town.

Catch Up Time!

After careful and meticulous review, I realized that I never posted some photos from late September so here we go.

Camino Los Torotes, Todos Santos, Baja

Camino Los Torotes, Todos Santos, Baja

These photos were all taken on September 25 when it was still terribly hot and humid. I loved the colors. We are about 1 mile north of Las Tunas on the Las Playitas Road.

Artist John Comers Cottage, Todos Santos

Artist John Comer's Cottage, Todos Santos

Right off of Camino Los Torotes (El Torote is Elephant Tree in English) sits Southern California artist John Comer’s rustic cottage. I love the way it looks. It reminds me of Ireland for some odd reason.

Its Very Green in September

It's Very Green in September

I have been meaning to find a spot to take a photo every month and witness the progression of the seasons here in Todos Santos. In September, I decided this was the spot. Of course I have now missed the October photo but I am not that late. I’ll try to catch up this week.

Spectacular Clouds at Midday

Spectacular Clouds at Midday

The very same day, September 25, the midday sky clouded up and this was the result. Very intriguing!

No Worries! The Blog Lives On!

Sorry for the very long absence, but I have been unusually occupied. A friend came to visit and I was spending all my free time (not very much of that either, you’ll soon hear why) playing tour and dinner guide. It was a blast having a visitor. I haven’t had many friends come to check out the “Baja lifestyle”.

As fate normally does, she threw more than a visit at me. El Calendario production deadlines arrived simultaneously as did the beginning of construction on my house. Yep, you heard me correctly, after nearly 6 years of vagabond living, I will have a home again sometime in 2009.

Good news is I have photos of construction, Festival del Pilar, Halloween and the new issue of El Calendario is just about off to the printer. I will post it online as soon as it is finalized.

I should be able to get the blog back up to date, more or less, as the week goes on. So hang in there!

Two restaurants have reopened: Cafe Santa Fe and El Zaguan. It looks to be a slower tourist season that normal this year, but that’s no surprise with the state of the global and US economy.

The weather has continued to confound everyone. It’s relatively cool at night but remains peak of summer hot during the day. This week, we have even had our version of “Santa Ana” winds, i.e. winds from the east across the desert – hot dry aggravating winds. This is not normal at all. These winds normally come in the spring, not the fall. A few whales have been sighted since the beginning of October, way too early. The general conclusion around Todos Santos is that the global climate is a mess. Let’s hope the days start to cool off soon.

Happy Dia de Los Muertos!