Daily Archives: February 9, 2009

Some Quick Todos Santos Comments

The art festival has come and gone. I have not been feeling well so did not attend many events. There were lots of interesting crafts for sale in the lot between the Hotel California and the church. The Zocalo was unusable – it had been torn up for the second time in two years,  just weeks before the festival. Go figure. I heard from a reliable source that the Pueblo Magico people had money they needed to spend before the end of 2008 or lose. So they tore up the plaza knowing that the festival was beginning January 31. Go figure. I don’t get it. Really.

It rained briefly Sunday morning. A light drizzle for about 15 minutes. It had been cloudy all night. This is more like our normal winter weather, cold fronts come from the Pacific northwest with clouds, sometimes rain, usually lots of wind and waves for surfers. Yes, we have had waves over the last 2 days. Bumpy but surfable. Los surfos son mas contentos.

It continues to be a very very unusual winter. It makes me wonder what the summer will hold if the winter is averaging 10 F warmer than normal. Food for thought…

Unbelievable! Fingerprints Necessary to Buy a Cell Phone in Mexico?

Please, say it ain’t so….

Mexico to Fingerprint Cell Phone Users