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Swine Flu and Todos Santos Baja Mexico

Nope, no swine flu here. At least not yet.

Kids are all out of school through May 6, this after just having 2 weeks off for Semana Santa (Easter.) I was in Cabo San Lucas on Monday and the roads were not empty but way short of normal traffic patterns. I visited 3 big box stores, Home Depot, Costco and Walmart and there was a noticeable lack of people in the first two. Walmart had more traffic but seemed tranquil all the same. Some people were wearing masks both in San Lucas and La Paz, more so in San Lucas. But it really wasn’t many people. Businesses were open.

My construction workers showed up today (they drive in from La Paz daily) wearing masks. This was very funny since the only people they were in contact with were other workers, their friends. None of them were sick or coughing or sneezing but they wore the masks nonetheless. One or two workers wore the masks all day as they worked with no social contact at all.

Construction Workers Wearing Masks To Fight Swine Flu In Todos Santos

Construction Workers Wearing Masks To Fight Swine Flu In Todos Santos

Today, Shut Up Frank’s bar was closed. Was it because of the flu scare? Quien sabe? People are starting to get cancellations on their rental units. There is a wedding scheduled in town on May 9. The organizer told me today that he was a little concerned about potential cancellations although he confirmed that the bride and groom were coming.

We are a little concerned about the May edition of El Calendario de Todos Santos, since they are printed in Mexico City. So far we have not been informed of any problems due to the situation in DF but time will tell. The issue will be late since the last issue was a week late due to printing problems. We currently expect to have copies on the street by May 11.

Mexico Insights From The Wall Street Journal

This little diddy showed up in the April 10 online version of the Wall Street Journal. It is actually one of the more sane assessments of how the “drug war” in Mexico affects tourist travel.

Is It Safe to Go to Mexico?

Hope you had a safe and happy Easter and Passover. Felices Pasquas!!