Recent Rain in Todos Santos

The weather is the big news here. After the warmest winter in recent memory, we are now having one of the hottest summers that anyone can recall. It turned unseasonably warm in mid to late July and hasn’t looked back. It is blisteringly hot during the day in the sun, better in the shade (maybe 90-95F) but the problem is at night. It simply is not cooling off at all. Typical dawn temps are 80F or more. When the breeze stops, that’s a hot way to start a day.

We haven’t had much rain in Todos Santos. There have been thunderstorms almost daily and you can see the ominous clouds and hear the thunder, but it’s raining elsewhere. Until recently that is. In the last 2-3 weeks it has rained. First a few weekends ago, we had a Saturday and Sunday with about 30 minutes of medium steady rain. It wasn’t enough to get the flying ants to hatch though. Then last Wednesday, the skies darkened in every direction and it rained hard for a solid 15 minutes in central Todos Santos but in Las Tunas, nary a drop. The rains have been very localized. On Friday it rained again, hitting all of Todos Santos and then today, Sunday, Aug 30, it rained for 45 minutes, the better part of it very heavily. Enough to make puddles and new drainage channels. We should see the ants soon.

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