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Winter Rains in Todos Santos

Today started with grey skies and no sun. Waves were crashing all night as another decent surf  swell arrived with perhaps double overhead waves. Cloudy skies are no big deal. Usually this clears by noon.

It’s 12:20 pm now and it has been raining for about 20 minutes.  Slow and steady, more than a drizzle but much less than a downpour. Puddles are beginning to  form in the sandy dirt.  It’s chilly and humid without the sun. Visibility is a few hundred meters and there really isn’t any wind.

Maybe the surfers are still in the water enjoying the swell.

It’s now 3:17 pm…the rain finally stopped at about 3 pm. The sun is peeking out. It’s more quiet than normal, the result of less outside work being done in the rain. The dust has been washed off the plants and roads for a while at least.  All the colors seem richer. The skies are still more cloudy than not so it’s possible we will have more rain today.

Paredones Amarillos Gold Mine

You may be aware of the “Aqua Vale Mas Que Oro” (Water Has More Value Than Gold) campaign that is being waged against a proposed open pit gold mine in the Sierra de La Laguna Biosphere. The mine would be a Canadian-Mexican joint venture and has raised concerns among many about the effect on both our water supply and fragile ecology, including whale and turtle habitats.

I just ran across a very interesting, seemingly factual article on the current situation. You can read it at the link below:

Paredones Amarillos Gold Mine

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just a day or so late but I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. I know many of you are dealing with snow and cold weather but here in Todos Santos Baja, it’s clear sunny skies and moderate temps. 60s at night and high 70s to low 80s during the day.

Todos Santos doesn’t seem as busy for the holidays as usual but I guess that’s to be expected with the current world financial situation. The visitors that are here are having a great time.

The Wall Street Journal published a very interesting article about Mexico and drug trafficking yesterday. It’s certainly worth a read:

Saving Mexico

Todos Santos – Great Winter Escape Destination

Todos Santos has just made National Geographic Traveler’s short list of the best warm weather winter escape destinations.  They even quoted Jill Logan.

You can read all about it here:

The Real Thing: Todos Santos, Mexico

More Dec 11, 2009 Todos Santos Baja Sur Surf Photos

Not much more to say – enjoy the photos!

surf mexico

Dr. Mark

baja mexico

Nice Drop!

surfing baja

Kickin' Out!

surf mexico

Beautiful Bob Bottom Turning!

todos santos surf

Go Maho!!

baja mexico


surf baja sur

Eric Cuts!

todos santos baja mexico

Flyin' High!

todos santos

The Colonel

More Dec 10, 2009 Surf Photos from Todos Santos

These photos should speak for themselves…enjoy!

surf todos santos

Coach Cruizin'

todos santos baja surf


baja sur surf

Mario and the Wall of White Water

baja sur surf


baja california surf

Mike Balsh - Very Serious Bottom Turn

todos santos

Mike Balsh

Robert Quirk – Dec 10-11 Todos Santos Surf Photos

December 11 turned out to be a great surfing day. Skies were clear and the swell was still pumping although a bit less savage than the day before. The water was close to glassy at times. There were a LOT of bodies in the water and the expected frustrations did ensue. So it goes…

These 4 shots are of my friend Robert Quirk whose son Justin Quirk is a pro level surfer. Robert isn’t so bad either.

Todos Santos Baja Surf

Dec 10 - Robert Quirk - Double Overhead Drop

surf todos santos mexico

Dec 10 - Robert Quirk - Styling

todos santos baja mexico

Dec 11 - Robert Quirk

todos santos surf

Dec 11 - Robert Quirk

You can easily see the difference in the light and color on the two days. For those who care on Dec 11 I used the same Canon 5d MkII and 300 f2.8 lens but shot mostly with the 2x tele-extender although for a while I tried stacking the 1.4x and 2x. Needless to say, focusing was slower and less accurate with the 2x and with the stacked set and image clarity also suffered. More than good enough for the web though.