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Amazing Double/Triple Rainbow in Todos Santos Baja

I thought I would close out the month by posting these photos from January 23. It had rained during the night and was misting slightly at dawn. As I stepped out into the day, I (and everyone else) was absolutely amazed by the rainbow that greeted me. It was definitely a perfectly formed double rainbow. Some people claim to have seen a triple but I only saw double. These shots are taken from the roof of my house towards the northwest using a wide angle lens. Hope you all enjoy them as much as we all enjoyed the real thing!

todos santos baja mexico double rainbow

Horizontal View of Amazing Double Rainbow in Todos Santos, Baja

todos santos baja mexico double rainbow

Vertical Section of the Rainbow in Todos Santos

Rancho Pescadero Makes Sunset Magazine List

Our area’s newest boutique hotel (resort?) Rancho Pescadero has made Sunset Magazine’s list of Great Winter Trips in the West. Scroll down to #6 in the list. Felicidades Lisa!

Great Winter Trips in the West

Hotel California Tequila in the Hartford, CT Courant Newspaper

Came across this link the other day. It’s a quick interview with Brian Whitney of DotCom Wines about Hotel California Tequila, yep our very own Hotel California!!!

Hotel California Tequila

El Calendario de Todos Santos February Issue Online

The print edition of El Calendario de Todos Santos arrived a day early and is available all around Todos Santos right now. I have just now finished posting the web edition. You can view by clicking the cover graphic below. Enjoy!

todos santos baja mexico

Feb 2010 Cover - El Calendario de Todos Santos

Cable TV in Todos Santos Baja Mexico

Todos Santos, little village of 4000-6000 permanent residents, was wired for cable tv last spring. It was special to see as it happened really fast and proved that things can go quickly here if the right forces are behind them. Somehow MegaCable (the company bringing hundreds of stations to town) managed to convince the electric company to allow cable tv to use their existing poles. So the wiring of town went fast, about 2 months. You can even get cable out in “el otro lado” but NOT in fabulous Las Tunas as we have underground electricity and hence no poles for the cables.

So I don’t have the service but understand the price is cheap, about 180 pesos or $15US per month. On the mainland, MegaCable also offers phone and internet service and this has caused Telmex (Carlos Slim’s telecommunications near monopoly) to respond with better service and lower rates. Score one for competition, even though as far as I know, we can’t get the other enhanced services here in Todos Santos yet.

Todos Santos Baja Mexico

MegaCable Installation Vehicle in Todos Santos

todos santos baja mexico

Cable TV Wiring Nightmare in Todos Santos Baja

todos santos baja

MegaCable Satellite Dishes

todos santos mexico

MegaCable Home Office in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

Another Mexican Revolution in 2010?

Not specifically about Todos Santos,  but interesting never the less. Mexico has had revolutions in 1810 and 1910. Will 2010 make the trifecta? From the Wall Street Journal:

Estallido Social (Social Explosion)

2010 Todos Santos Art Festival Info Posted

You can find more info about the 2010 Todos Santos 13th Annual Art Festival, including schedules in English and Spanish, by clicking on the poster below:

Todos Santos Baja 13th Annual Art Festival

Todos Santos Baja 13th Annual Art Festival