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March 2010 El Calendario de Todos Santos Posted Today

The new March 2010 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos is now online. This is our 98th issue and marks the beginning of our 13th year of publishing. It’s really quite amazing, especially if you remember our humble start as a single black and white legal sheet of paper folded in half. Thanks to all our advertisers and readers. It’s only possible because of you!

Click the cover graphic below to visit our site and read the latest issue. This issue features the art photography of Alvaro Colindres.

todos santos baja mexico

March 2010 El Calendario de Todos Santos


More On The Gold Mine

Perhaps you have already heard the news – the Paradones Amarillos gold mine has been denied the needed federal land use permit effectively shutting down their operations for now. Continued vigilance is always necessary. Read it for yourself:

Mexico Denies Gold Mining Permit to Canadian Company

Todos Santos Baja – Warm Weather Escapes

National Geographic Traveler’s January/February 2010 edition names Todos Santos Baja Mexico as the first entry in its list of Warm Weather Escapes!

Warm Weather Escapes

More On Hubertus von Hohenlohe, Ice Prince of Mexico

This morning I discovered another story on Prince Hubertus and his skiing for Mexico saga, this time courtesy of – this story has more biographical info on the prince and his skiing and Olympic career.

Ice Prince of Mexico

German Prince Skis Yet Again For Mexico in Olympics

Nearly forgot this one. It’s a great read, courtesy of Time magazine. Hubertus von Hohenlohe is Mexico’s only Winter Olympian – this rivals the Jamaican bobsled team (who did not qualify this year.)

Why Is a German Prince Skiing For Mexico?


Happy Valentine’s Day – Busy Busy and Rain!

Happy Valentine’s Day wishes to all of you!

Yep, I have been swamped. The March issue of El Calendario is proving to be one of the most difficult to produce and there have been so many events and happenings around town, leaving me no time to process photos or post to the blog.

It did rain yet again, beginning around midnight Tuesday Feb 9 and continuing off and on all day Wednesday. That makes about 4 good winter rains already this season. When the west coast of the US gets big storms, they often make it all the way down the peninsula and we get some grey skies and rain. The rain makes a huge mess but it is still most welcome. We need all we can get.

Some of the event photos yet to be posted include the 5k race, Zen Garden restaurant opening, Todos Santos’ first fashion show and of course, the Art Festival just to mention the big ones. With luck I will find the time in the coming week to work on it all.

Meanwhile, it’s all good here in Todos Santos Baja. Come on down and visit!! The Film Festival is coming up soon in early March.

Raining Again in Todos Santos

Let’s see. Totally grey skies. No wind. Temps in the 70’s. No-see-ums back in force. And now rain! Again!

What winter? Yes we need the water but…