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Todos Santos March 24 Huerta Fire Videos

I found these on YouTube. Thought you all might enjoy them.

Todos Santos Huerta Fire Video 1

Todos Santos Huerta Fire Video 2

Todos Santos Huerta Fire Video 3

March 24 Todos Santos Huerta Fire Photos

Yesterday’s huerta fire didn’t destroy any homes or harm any people. We were lucky.

Dean McQuillen was kind enough to send me these photos and grant permission to use them. Thanks Dean.

todos santos baja huerta fire

Beginning Of The Fire - photo Dean McQuillen

todos santos baja huerta fire

Todos Santos Huerta Fire - photo Dean McQuillen

todos santos huerta fire

Todos Santos Huerta Fire - photo Dean McQuillen

todos santos baja huerta fire

Todos Santos Baja Huerta Fire - photo Dean McQuillen

If I get more photos and permission to post them, I certainly will.

Large Huerta Fire – March 24 – In Todos Santos

Not sure how I missed it but there was a large fire in the huerta between La Poza and La Cachora last evening/night. It began at around 5 pm and was finally put out by local fireman with considerable assistance from La Paz fireman around 9 pm.

I drove to Pescadero last evening around 6 pm and returned around 8:30 pm and didn’t see any indication of the fire. This morning my house deck and yard were covered with blackened ash and I wondered what idiot burned garden trash in the high winds yesterday. Now I know.

According to my friend Nanette (who lives in the immediate area of the fire) all is well. No one was hurt. Apparently no houses harmed.

There is always fire danger here. The dry leaves on palm trees ignite and burn rapidly, eventually spreading to green leaves and the fire hops tree to tree on the wind. It seems we rarely go an entire year without a huerta fire.

Second Thoughts on ESPN

My good friend Andy wrote today to tell me that he thought ESPN was confused and was covering Todos Santos Island off Ensenada. The links in the previous post aren’t working for me today from here in Todos Santos (I get blank pages)  so I can’t double check. This alone might indicate that they are in error and have pulled the links. BUT the title of the piece and all the photos I could identify when I viewed it yesterday seemed to be Baja Sur to me.

Quien sabe?

Update 3/14/10: ESPN changed the link after posting the page. The new link is even though the page has nothing to do with Damien Hobgood. Go figure! Wouldn’t surprise me to see the link changed again when someone finally notices the mistake.

ESPN OnLine Covers Baja Sur Surfing

Good or bad? You decide. I just discovered this piece from ESPN about surfing in Baja Sur. Will the waters be even more crowded at the increasingly not so secret spots?

The Dos Faces of Baja Sur

— link updated 3/14/10, as ESPN changed it.

Don’t Write Off Baja Just Yet

Christine Delsol wrote one of the better pieces on Todos Santos for the San Francisco Chronicle in 2001. Now she’s back urging readers to reconsider vacationing to Baja Sur.  She covers La Paz, Todos Santos and the East Cape in this short but sweet piece.

Don’t Write Off Baja Just Yet

San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Sur – Whale Photos

Ever wanted to take the trip to San Ignacio Lagoon and pet whales? Courtesy of you can view some wonderful photos of your next vacation!

Whale Photos – San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Sur, Mexico