Highway 19 – The Road to Cabo San Lucas (And Back!)

The highway upgrade from Todos Santos to La Paz is nearly finished. Some minor details are under completion as is the last major work, i.e. the cloverleaf intersection of Highway 1 and 19. Otherwise it’s cool sailing in both directions. Having four smooth lanes encourages higher speeds but it’s best to go cautiously, especially at night, as livestock (cattle, horses, burros, goats) still roam freely and it’s very hard to see a black cow on a blacktop highway at night.

About 4 weeks ago work began on the Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas route. Crews started in Todos Santos heading south and in San Lucas heading north. Progress is rapid on the Todos Santos to Pescadero stretch. There are no huge rock hills to blast through, although the curve right south of Pescadero heading to Los Cerritos is a hint of things to come. Crews have been chewing away at the small rock burms on either side of the existing highway, trying to make room for 2 more lanes. First we are detoured to one side, and later to the other. It’s slow going and foreshadows the difficulties ahead on the stretch of road from Rancho Nuevo through Elias Calles and Migriño onward to Cabo San Lucas. There are some big curvy hills in this area and the construction is bound to take a long time and be very inconvenient for drivers. It will be worth it in the end, as I was reminded on my last trip to Cabo while stuck behind at least 8 slow moving vehicles, unable to pass for miles. The trip took 30 minutes longer than normal and was frustrating to say the least.

At least three bridges will need to be dealt with, the large ones at Elias Calles and Migriño and also the little Puente El Pastor, a short bridge over a deep gorge. That last one should be an interesting engineering project. You come down a steep hill from both directions and curve on to the little bridge. Expect serious delays once that work begins.

I regretted not taking photos of the old road from Todos Santos to La Paz. I kept procrastinating and missed the chance. No so for Cabo to Todos Santos. On February 25, I drove to Cabo taking photos with my Canon G9, shooting through the windshield. Not the safest way to drive, but I was careful. So here’s an idea of the road’s current condition.

todos santos baja mexico

On The Way to Pescadero from Todos Santos

todos santos to pescadero

Between Todos Santos and Pescadero

pescadero baja

Dump Trucks Lined Up in Pescadero Baja Mexico

los cerritos baja

Los Cerritos Beach Is Off To The Right

just north of rancho nuevo baja

Just North of Rancho Nuevo Baja

km 93 baja mexico

KM 93 Baja Highway One - Going South

This is going to be very hard to widen. Imagine how difficult it was to first breach these hills in 1972. At least they can haul in the heavy equipment on the existing road this time.

outskirts of cabo san lucas

The Northern Outskirts of Cabo San Lucas

cabo san lucas baja mexico

Two Lanes Become Four At Cabo San Lucas

That’s the end of the “Todos Santos to San Lucas” photos. The rest are the return trip, San Lucas to Todos Santos.

baja mexico

Curving Down To The Migriño Bridge

km 93 baja mexico

KM 93 - Going North This Time

baja mexico

Approaching Elias Calles, Baja Mexico

baja mexico

Just Past The Elias Calles Bridge

baja mexico

Coming Down The Hill Toward Rancho Nuevo

Almost like being here right?


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