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Congrats Melissa Chandon

Melissa Chandon was artist of the month for the December 2009 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos. She had recently been showing in Jill Logan’s gallery across the street from the Hotel California. Her art was a big success. People loved her strong and direct style.

Sadly for Jill and Todos Santos, Melissa has been picked up by the Caldwell Snyder Gallery in New York City, San Francisco and St. Helena, California. Her agreement with them will be an exclusive one so she will no longer be showing her art here in Todos Santos.

I personally verified this information with Jill Logan. It’s true.

We loved having you here Melissa.

Melissa’s Art in El Calendario

El Calendario de Todos Santos – April/May 2010 Posted

TheĀ April/May 2010 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos is now viewable on the web. Just click on the cover below. The printed issue should be available in town on Saturday, April 17.

todos santos baja mexico

April/May 2010 El Calendario de Todos Santos Cover

Just FYI, this is our 99th issue. Amazing!

Palm Orchard Resort – Todos Santos Baja

The Calgary Herald (we get a lot of press in Calgary these days) recently ran a story on the Palm Orchard Project near Todos Santos. Those of you who are savvy realize this is what used to be called the King Ranch, over 20 acres of beautiful beachfront in Pescadero.

The story also touches briefly on the other major Calgary connection here in Todos Santos, Debbie and John Stewart of the Hotel California.

Calgary Connection

Grey Whale Population – Going Up or Down?

Whale watching is a huge tourist draw here in Southern Baja, including Todos Santos. Every year you can hear people wondering if they are seeing less whales than last year. Really, how could we tell? We only see the ones passing by our coastline and then only when we are looking, right?

But some California biologists are beginning to worry.

Grey Whale Population

Do You Trust That Photo?

This has nothing much to do with Todos Santos but I wanted to share it with you all. Being a photographer, I enjoyed learning about the history of deception in photography. Some of these examples are totally ludicrous. What were those photographers and editors thinking, if they were thinking at all.

Photo Tampering Throughout History

April 11 Sunday New York Times Todos Santos Story

You might have heard (maybe even here!) that the NYT had been in Todos Santos in early March and a Sunday travel section story was due out sometime in April. The web version of the story was posted online today. Still to come, another Conde Nast look at Todos Santos, hopefully during this spring.

Relishing the Waves, Not the Crowds, in Mexico

No Earthquake in Todos Santos Baja Sur

Just a really quick note to let anyone who might be concerned know that we didn’t even feel the earthquake that shook SoCal and Baja (north). All is as it was here in Todos Santos. We didn’t even know about the quake until hearing it on the news or reading it on the web.

And BTW, Mexico switched to Daylight Savings Time on Easter Sunday so now all the time differences are back to normal also.