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A Zillion G Love Photos

todos santos baja mexico

The Crowd At G Love Show, Pescadero Baja Mexico

todos santos baja mexico

G Love, Baja Mexico

Summer Issue El Calendario de Todos Santos Posted Online Today!

I am very happy to say that the summer edition of El Calendario arrived 4 days early from the printer and is already on the streets of  Todos Santos and will be distributed to select locations in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo next week.

I have just completed posting it online. We are celebrating our 100th issue and the art in the issue will take you down our memory lane with covers from past issues. One page (#42) is particularly revealing as it lists all the writers and artists that we have featured and who have helped us to become the essential guide to Todos Santos. Thanks all of you!

Click on the cover below to go to the summer issue. Next issue is November 1 with October 3 deadline.

Enjoy the summer!!!

todos santos baja mexico

Summer 2010 Cover, El Calendario de Todos Santos

2010 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Outlook From NOAA

I have been waiting for this, patiently checking their web site for weeks now, hoping to learn the forecast for this storm season. It was finally released so here you go. Looks like we might have a relatively easy time of it this year BUT remember it only takes one strong storm to really ruin your day!

Click on the graphic to go to NOAA’s full explanation of our outlook for hurricanes this year.

todos santos hurricane outlook

Todos Santos Baja Mexico Hurricane Outlook

Road To Los Cabos Construction Update – May 23, 2010

Driving to Los Cabos from Todos Santos is an adventure even without the road construction. Now, you never know what new detours will arise day to day. Progress is being made and except for the new bridges over the San Pedrito arroyo, the 4 lane to Pescadero will be finished quickly.

Here’s a view from the Sandbar. It’s a bit of a challenge getting to the bar these days, but fear not, the hardy among us can manage it!

todos santos baja mexico

Road Construction View From Sandbar In Pescadero, Baja, Mexico

First Possible Tropical Cyclone Of Season

Way south of us, near Central America, the very first possibility of a tropical depression has appeared. Officially the season began May 15. Typically we don’t see much action in southern Baja until late August. Once these storms start forming, even south of us, they change our wonderful weather for the worse, i.e. nights become warmer and warmer and humidity rises until finally we are in the heart of summer.

Invest 90

More Dune Building Photos – May 23, 2010

I’ll take photos of the dune building site as often as I can and post them so all can follow the progress. It’s a fairly small lot so the house can’t be that large either. I am told the house will be 2 stories tall and is being built by an American from NYC – this is all second hand info so you have been warned. These photos were taken Sunday, May 23, 2010.

todos santos baja mexico

Building On The Dunes In Las Tunas, Todos Santos, Baja

todos santos baja mexico

Another View Of Building Lot On The Dunes, Las Tunas, Todos Santos

Santa Cruz Sentinel Highlights Couple Moving to Todos Santos

Some of you might actually know Mike and Penny Brozda. Looks like they are making the leap and moving to Todos Santos full time. Adios Santa Cruz! The article is not bad but we all know it is NOT 11,000 miles from Santa Cruz to Todos Santos. More like 1400-1500 I would say.

Mike and Penny Brozda Relocate to Todos Santos Baja Mexico