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Las Tunas Todos Santos Dune Construction Update

As of June 27, construction continues on the dune house located in Las Tunas. Still no posting of permits and no word that the project is either legal or not. Here’s another photo from my roof dated June 27, taken in the early morning hence the very warm colored light. At least the house design appears fairly interesting.

las tunas todos santos mexico dune construction

Dune Construction, Las Tunas, Todos Santos Baja

It was two days after this photo that I saw the PROFEPA agent talking with the contractor. No telling what came of that.

Dune Construction Alert!

Today, 11:30 am CDT, June 29, 2010 – I just returned from a late morning walk with the dogs. PROFEPA (Mexican Environmental Protection Agency) was at the dune construction talking with the contractor. There were lots of papers laying out in the bed of a large pickup truck. The contractor was not smiling, not happy at all.

Vamos a ver.

World’s Most Beautiful Paper Money

Ok, this has nothing to do with Todos Santos, Baja, but I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did. There are some extraordinarily beautiful currencies out there.

The World’s Most Beautiful Currencies

Weather In Todos Santos – June 2010

What a week! Three named storms in 7 days, 2 of them major hurricanes – Blas, Celia and Darby – all in a season that the experts say will be mild for tropical storms in the East Pacific. Thankfully all three stayed very far from our shores but they did affect our weather. Our very cool nights (68F inside my house) briefly turned to 81F nights, then slowly slid back to 73F nights. Days became very hot and muggy. Ocean water temps rose a similar amount and surfers were suddenly in the water with only board shorts, no more wet suits. This is normal once storms start forming south of us. We should get another blast sometime in the next month and then settle in to our summer duldrums – hot mostly sunny and humid days and night time lows around 80F. The north winds will fade and bitings insects will flourish. And it should rain too.

Dune Construction Update

The construction continues. I have not seen any evidence of official visits to check the legality of the construction project. Maybe the agencies have already been here, maybe not. No permits are posted. I haven’t heard anything new about the project. Here’s a photo from my roof, taken on June 20.

todos santos mexico dune construction

Construction Continues On The Dunes in Las Tunas, Todos Santos, Baja

Yet More Todos Santos Flowers

Sunday, June 13, was beautiful so I took some photos of the flowers in my yard.

todos santos baja passion fruit flower

Passion Fruit Flower - Todos Santos Baja

pink oleander todos santos

Pink Oleander - Todos Santos Baja

These double pink oleanders have a very strong sweet fragrance.

yellow hibiscus todos santos

Yellow Hibiscus - Todos Santos Baja

orange hibiscus todos santos

Orange Hibiscus - Todos Santos Baja

red bougainvilla todos santos

Red Bougainvilla - Todos Santos Baja

bougainvilla todos santos

Multicolor Bougainvilla - Todos Santos Baja

I love these multicolor bougainvillas. They start orange, then turn dark pink and finally fade to light pink.

Rancho Pescadero Sunday Brunch Update

A short while ago I posted that Rancho Pescadero would be discontinuing their Sunday brunches until next season. I didn’t make it up, they really announced that. But they changed their minds and the brunches are still alive and well so you’d best get down there and enjoy it before they decide to close the brunches for real next time!

You get to make your own Bloody Mary/Maria!