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Has The Real Summer Arrived?

Well has it? Last night temps were noticeably warmer, by 5F degrees. Lows inside the house were just under 80F (my personal tolerance level) and the day is starting out very warm indeed. It’s been more humid also. Way to the south there is an area of disturbed weather that could become tropical in nature but currently is not so it’s hard to see that causing our rising temps. It is the end of July. We have had a glorious run of cool weather for several weeks, so maybe the time has simply come.

Quick Weather Note

At around 6:30 am this morning (Sunday) it began to rain. First rain of the summer. Only lasted about 5 minutes and may not have extended much further than the Las Tunas area. Not enough water to even rinse all the dust off my car but it was rain.

Downside? Electricity went out in Las Tunas shortly after the rain. I thought CFE (Federal Electric Commision) had been doing a better job than to fail after just a dusting of rain.

So how did I manage this post with no electricity? My underpowered backup solar system is doing its job – running lights, fans and computers.

Voice Your Opposition to Cabo Cortes Development

I have to apologize. I don’t know how I missed all of the planned development in the Cabo Pulmo area. I only became aware of it earlier this week and created the previous post. Now a neighbor has directed me to the Cabo Pulmo Live website where you can sign the petition to hopefully stop the development and read about the breadth of the planned development.

Go there now! Sign the petition, it’s available in English and Spanish so no excuses. It’s not too late to save the coral reef at Cabo Pulmo from the potentially disastrous effects of this planned and currently approved development.

Cabo Pulmo Live

Massive Development Planned for Cabo Pulmo

I just discovered this piece covering planned development of a huge tourist area adjacent to Cabo Pulmo, home of the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez. The reef is a protected national park so allowing harmful development in its backyard doesn’t make much sense. According to the story, the Mexican federal government has already granted environmental permits to the Spanish group leading the project.

She (Fay Crevoshay, the communications director of the NGO Wildcoast)  also said it is “schizophrenic” for Mexican authorities [to have created] a national park, which they preserved for years, and then “they grant a permit to a developer in order to destroy it.”

Development Threatens Lone Coral Reef in Sea of Cortez

Sea Lion Future in Jeopardy In Baja California Sur

Fisherman are once again claiming that the local Baja Sur sea lion population is adversely affecting their livelihood. With Pacific coast populations on the decline, Baja Sur is considering an organized slaughter to further reduce the number of sea lions.

Mass Slaughter of Sea Lions Being Considered in Mexico

Todos Santos 3rd Annual Mango Festival

In very typical Todos Santos fashion, the publicity for the Mango Festival has only now begun, 2 weeks before the event. Perhaps in the future dates for events such as this will be available more than 2 weeks in advance. The festival is small and takes place in a tiny park near the fire station in El Otro Lado, just up the hill from Casa Dracula and La Esquina. Parking is very limited.  Dates are July 28 – August 1. There will be a fishing tournament and the normal festival activities, including coronation of the Queen, carnival rides, music/dances and food vendors. If memory serves me, it rained before the festival last year, turning the dirt road into muck.

The official website for the festival still only has info for 2009. Go figure.

Todos Santos Mango Festival

Best Mexican Summer Festivals

As we slip into the real summer here in Todos Santos, Baja, perhaps you are pondering a getaway. Christine Desol (she wrote a great story about Todos Santos way back in 2001 – SFGate Todos Santos Story) has just written a piece for SFGate about the best summer festivals in Mexico. Check it out! You might find a trip that will make your summer special.

From Wine To Whale Sharks