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Mexico Fires 3200 Federal Police

Even here in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico, far from the drug cartel turf wars, we worry about the effect it is all having on our adopted country. We know that many of the police (at all levels) are corrupt – we routinely see minor examples of corruption.

Today it was announced that 3200 Federal Police were fired, most for failing lie detector tests. I am thinking this is a good precedent and hope it has the desired results.

Mexico Fires 3200 Federal Police

Mexicana Airlines To Shut Down, Midnight August 28, 2010

Mexicana Airlines, perhaps the most reliable and comfortable of the Mexican Airlines, has had serious money problems this spring and summer. Supposedly a white knight investor group was going to save them but apparently negotiations have failed and Mexicana will close all services as of midnight tonight. Read more courtesy of the New York Times:

Mexicana Airlines Shuts Down

Dune House Construction Restarts in Las Tunas, Todos Santos

I don’t know much, but there is a small crew working the site and new construction materials have been delivered. The cement mixer has returned and a large generator is onsite.

Jimena Navarrete (Of Guadalajara) Wins Miss Universe Crown

La Tapatia, Jimena Navarrete, has been crowned Miss Universe, only the second Mexicana to win the contest. Jimena says she will use her postition to help promote Mexico.

Mexico’s Newest Icon: 22-year-old Miss Universe

Tropical Storm Frank Approaches Baja

Our storm season has truly begun. Tropical Storm Frank, soon to be a Cat 1 hurricane, is forecast to take the time honored approach to Baja and is projected to stay south of us. This is the normal path for storms in mid-August, but if you look at the historical information on Weather Underground, sometimes they deviate in their direction.

tropical storm frank todos santos baja mexico

Project Path Of Tropical Storm Frank

tropical storm frank todos santos baja mexico

Satellite Image Of Tropical Storm Frank

This Just In! Cabo Cortes Permits Withdrawn!

The following is quoted from the CaboPulmoVivo.Org website:


Dear friends of Cabo Pulmo Vivo, it is with great joy that we inform you that SEMARNAT, the federal environment ministry, has decided to revoke the environmental permits that it had granted for Cabo Cortes. This represents a great victory for those of us who love Cabo Pulmo and believe that a sustainable tourism model is possible.

We want to thank you for all of your support. Whether you helped spread the word about this webpage or helped us collect signatures, congratulations are deserved by us all. This was, above all, a collective achievement. Recognition should also be given to the accurate and timely decision by SEMARNAT, which showed a welcome sensibility to the voice of civil society. We should be filled by hope in knowing that the voice of organized citizens is capable of creating great changes, when backed up by sound science and presented in a respectful way, through the appropriate institutional channels.

Cabo Cortés, as would be the case with any person or company, has the right to request these environmental permits again, be it with the project we know, or a modified version. We trust that, if they so decide, more attention will be paid to the information they present to the public, to the voice of the local community and to the current planning instruments for the region.

As for this webpage, we have closed the signature section, but please continue to come back, to check for updates, future events, images, publications and all Cabo Pulmo related information.


Olive Ridley (Golfina) and Leatherback (Laud) Turtle Nesting Season

Well, the heat and humidity of August has finally arrived in full force. You know when it’s 85F inside the house at midnight and moments after showering, you are sweating once again. That’s toasty! At dawn, it’s only dropped to 83F. With two tropical depressions kicking around south of us, the heat is not likely to abate anytime soon. Bienvenidos a verano Todos Santos style!

But this means turtle nesting season won’t be far behind. Olive Ridleys (Golfina) are nesting now, July through February, and Leatherbacks (Laud) nest in the Todos Santos region from October though April. If you want to get involved in helping to save Leatherbacks (an endangered species), visit the local rescue group’s website –  Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C., our non-profit group that hunts for nests and incubates the eggs in a greenhouse before releasing the babies to the sea.

For some great photos of Leatherbacks and hatchlings on the Atlantic side, check out Leatherbacks in Trinidad from the British online paper, Telegraph.