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Todos Santos Baja Mexico Makes Trip Advisor’s Emerging Destinations List

Yep, it’s true. Todos Santos Baja Mexico is #7 on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Emerging Destinations WorldWide list. Check it out!

Incredible Mexican Bicentennial Photos From Mexico City

September 16, 2010, marked 200 years since Mexico began the struggle that culminated in independence from Spanish rule. All over the country, celebrations commemorate this event, the same way July 4 is celebrated in the United States.

While the show in Todos Santos was fun and beyond the normal festivities, the story in Mexico City is worth viewing so check out the amazing photos from the night of the Grito in D.F.

One More Restaurant Update

Not sure how I could forget La Esquina in the restaurant closings listed yesterday, but I did. La Esquina normally closes for the entire month of September and this year is no exception. They will open again in October.

Todos Santos Restaurant And Weather Update

First, Tropical Storm Georgette veered towards the Sea of Cortes and made landfall at Cabo San Lucas so she never officially reached Todos Santos. We did manage a good 1.5 days of rain, slow steady rain, that seriously soaked the ground. We also had some gusty 35 mph winds for a short time.  As far as I know, all roads are passable although the highway construction (to Cabo)  by-passes have to be a muddy mess by now.

I have been meaning to mention the local Todos Santos restaurant situation. Many have closed for vacation. El Zaguan and  Tre Galline are closed until early October. Posada La Poza (El Gusto!) is closed until October 12 while Michael’s at the Gallery is closed until November. Suki’s is scheduled to reopen near the end of November. Cafe Santa Fe will reopen at the beginning of November. Pancho Banano finally got with the program and closed, relocating to Cabo where his style of pushy commercialism belongs. La Copa Bar is closed until November also.  Miguel’s has been closed the last two weeks, due to reopen any day now. Zen Garden is closed until sometime in October. Buena Vida is only open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings offering 2 for 1 beer and pizza until some time in October.

Here Comes Tropical Storm Georgette!

So now I know why it was raining so much on my return from Cabo yesterday. Tropical Storm Georgette has formed south of Cabo San Lucas and looks to parallel the Baja coast until she makes landfall near Todos Santos, likely late tonight. Luckily she isn’t very strong, but she will bring rain. It’s been raining off and on all morning and I have reports of heavier rain in Cabo and points south.

Here’s the latest from Weather Underground:

todos santos baja mexico hurricanes

Satellite Image Of Georgette As She Approaches Todos Santos Baja

todos santos baja mexico hurricanes

Projected Path Of Tropical Storm Georgette

Finally! Rain In Todos Santos!

I drove to the airport in San Jose del Cabo today – a friend needed a ride. After shopping for a few hours, I headed back to Todos Santos around 3:45 pm local time. About 25 miles south of Todos Santos, puddles of water started showing up on the sides of the road. The skies were very grey to the north, over Todos Santos. By the time I reached Rancho Nuevo, it was raining hard and the skies were even darker north toward Todos Santos.

You might recall that there is massive road construction under way between Los Cabos and Todos Santos. The rain continued all the way to Todos Santos and the dirt portions of the road construction were an absolute mess. The heaviest rain seemed to be around Pescadero. It’s still raining in Todos Santos now, 6:33 pm local time, but it never rained as hard here. Nevertheless, we have our first real summer rain, enough to wash dust off of everything and leave some puddles.

El Grito – Information For Todos Santos

The following information was sent to me yesterday (thanks Alvaro and Nancy). It’s a bit unusual since for all of the 14 years I have lived in Todos Santos, the “Grito” has been a one evening, one day affair – a fiesta the night of September 15 and a parade on September 16. The coronation of the queen has always been in October and included the participation of the governor of the state. She is after all, the queen of the Fiestas Tradicionales (Fesitval del Pilar) in October.

I suppose we will see what happens, although I won’t be able to attend Tuesday night’s activities.

Tuesday 9/14
7:00 PM Coronation of the Queen – Plaza
Festival Artistico
Baile Popular
Wednesday 9/15
7:00 PM  Festival Artistico – Plaza
10:00 PM Grito – 10:00 PM – Plaza
Baile Popular
Thursday 9/16
8:00 AM  Acto Civico – Centro de Cultura
8:30 AM  Parade – Colegio Militar
5:00 PM  Recreacion de Palo Encebalo – Parque Los Pinos
Apparently a traditional celebration with a greased pole and maybe flying around on ropes?
Probably not to be missed!
7:00 PM Baile Popular