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Dismal Surf Conditions and More

I know, where have I been. No excuses really, just too busy, distracted and tired to post frequently. But that said, here’s an end of November update.

First, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. The foreigners here in Todos Santos are big into turkey and ham and there were lots of public (Buena Vida, Hotel California, Felipe’s, Rancho Pescadero, Sandbar)  and private dinners to attend. Every year it seems more Mexicans and Italians (lots live in the area) get exposed to and enjoy the gobble-gobble holiday.

That construction project on the dunes remains inactive. Nothing has happened since I posted about it being closed down. Materials and machinery are still on site but no workers for many weeks now.

This might be the surf year that wasn’t. It’s early still but perhaps our fortune this summer (no hurricanes) will turn into our dismay this fall/winter. There haven’t been any swells of note. When there are waves (moderate at best) there is wind, lots of wind! Several mornings have been blown out at dawn, a highly unusual occurrence around here. Surfing’s a bit better at Cerritos where there is some protection from the wind but then there is all that commercialization of what once was the most wonderful beach in the area. Oh well, the “progress” we bring with us wherever we go.

Finally, the garbage collection in Las Tunas seems to be back on a regular Friday schedule. Gotta be thankful for that!

World’s Largest Fish Burrito – La Paz, Baja, Mexico

On November 3, 2010, the world’s largest fish burrito was assembled in La Paz, Baja, Mexico and certified by Guinness’ record keepers. It was 2.7 km (1.62 miles) long and weighed 5.9 tonnelados (6.49 tons US) – the event took place on the Malecon in La Paz. I wasn’t there, sigh, so have no photos but below are two links with more info and the first one has some photos:

World Record Fish Burrito – La Paz, Baja, Mexico

World Record Fish Burrito Details

Municipal Services – Todos Santos Baja Mexico

As you may or may not know, Todos Santos is part of the municipality (county) of La Paz so decisions about our services and payment for them are made in La Paz, not in Todos Santos.

The presidente (mayor) of La Paz has been Rosa Delia but she resigned in order to run in the primary elections for governor. Rene Nuñez, presidente of Los Cabos, did the same thing. Neither was selected in the primary but it seems that both managed to drain the treasury of each municipality. On the streets in La Paz, they refer to Rosa Delia as Roba Delia, as in robbar, to rob.

What’s this got to do with Todos Santos? Plenty! Around primary election time, garbage collection outside of the center of town virtually stopped. In Las Tunas, we have had collection twice in 9 weeks, averaging about once a month. At first I heard stories that the truck was broken and a flatbed was being used to collect in centro Todos Santos. But then I saw a garbage truck doing the rounds. At least they finally made it out to us. I figure there simply wasn’t enough money to pay for our weekly garbage pickups. Thank you Roba, I mean Rosa.

To generate cash to last to the end of the year, the municipality is offering large discounts on property taxes for next year, in effect robbing Peter to pay Paul. But Peter will come around late next year looking for his money too.

Fall Issue El Calendario de Todos Santos Online Today!

The new  Fall issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos (and Baja California Sur) is being delivered today so it must be tourist season once again. Our printers in Ciudad Juarez are amazing, delivering 6 days ahead of schedule. I had to scramble to get the issue online before the printed ones arrived so be among the first to check it out:

El Calendario de Todos Santos

Fall 2010 El Calendario de Todos Santos Cover

El Calendario de Todos Santos