Tequila Tequila Tequila

The powers that be at Bloomberg Businessweek recently wrote about 6 Tequilas that should not be used in margaritas. Of the 6, I have only seen 2 for sale locally, i.e. Corralejo and Cuervo 1800. Corralejo is good stuff but I have never liked Curevo products including 1800. The article claims the US price for Corralejo is $43 so we have a bargain here in Baja Sur as it costs about $20 US at the better stores in La Paz or Los Cabos. Here in Todos Santos, all liquor costs too much!

6 Tequilas

Corralejo Tequila todos santos baja mexico

Corralejo Reposado In The Distinctive Blue Bottle

<If you are reading this post on any blog other than http://www.todossantos.net or elcalendario.wordpress.com then you are reading content that was reposted without permission of the author, i.e. Howard Ekman.>

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