Rain In Todos Santos, Visit To East Cape Baja Sur

Monday, August 22, I went on a car journey around the cape area of Baja Sur. We needed to drop off a car in storage near the airport in San Jose del Cabo so we drove Highway 19 from Todos Santos to Highway 1 in Cabo San Lucas, dropped the car off and then went north on Highway 1. We detoured to snorkel at Cabo Pulmo (the water was excellent and many fish were around but less than I had hoped for) and then continued north to Los Barilles and then west to El Triunfo and back on Highway 19 to return to Todos Santos. Highway 1 on the East Cape was an eye opener! It was lush and green and more like a jungle than dry Baja desert. Very different than the Todos Santos area. There were standing mud puddles and ditches full of water beside the road. Amazing! The road from Los Barilles to El Triunfo is twisty with cutbacks and hairpin mountain turns. I couldn’t really take photos and drive. Oddly enough, instead of the west side of the mountains being wet and the east dry, it’s working the other way around with the east side wet and west side dry. The closer we got to the Pacific side, the drier it became. The moisture is coming from the mainland and the Sea of Cortés, hitting the mountains and raining. Not much left for the west side.

That said, it rained during the morning of August 24 (Wednesday) here in Todos Santos and in Pescadero. It was a fairly steady 30-35 minute rain that soaked into the ground. Not enough for mud puddles or standing water but the ground did get wet. By Thursday morning you could no longer tell it had rained. We need more, but it was good to finally get a little. The dust levels are down and it cooled off nicely last night when the cloud cover finally broke. The ocean is warm, the swimming is good.

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