Quickie Todos Santos Baja Update

Wednesday Aug 31 brought huge waves to La Pastora and all points on the west side of the peninsula. There was an enormous Antarctic storm that sent double overhead plus waves from the southwest. The parking area at Pastora was flooded, the water nearly reached Garth and Euva’s Love Shack. I missed the photo opp, but two friends sent pics that I will post after the blog move.

That same day, the weather changed from very hot and muggy to breezy and almost cool. Night time lows were in the low 70s F, amazing! Daytime was cooler too. We are still riding that weather change although mornings have been very grey since then but nights remain cool and breezy. Let’s hope it lasts!

<If you are reading this post on any blog other than http://www.todossantos.net or elcalendario.wordpress.com then you are reading copyrighted content that was reposted without permission of the author, i.e. Howard Ekman.>

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