Why No New Todos Santos Baja Pages Posts?

Nope, I haven’t been out of town or on vacation but I have been fighting daily trying to understand the intricacies of moving this blog from wordpress.com to my own web server. I didn’t want to make the move in real time (hence disabling the blog for an unknown amount of time) so I have been practicing and think I now have all kinks figured out. I plan on making to move Monday afternoon. After that time, all new activity will be on http://www.todossantos.net although the elcalendario.wordpress.com site will remain as it is now.

Why make the move? I want more control over the blog, it’s appearance and content. I want to truly integrate Google ads into the blog. I want to add photography pages also. All in all it will make the blog much more flexible to my needs. So please be patient during the changeover. Thanks.

<If you are reading this post on any blog other than http://www.todossantos.net or elcalendario.wordpress.com then you are reading copyrighted content that was reposted without permission of the author, i.e. Howard Ekman.>

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