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Return To Normalcy in Todos Santos Baja California Sur, Mexico

Whew, that was a bit different! But the world has returned to normal patterns. Iran blames the US and Britain for her civil unrest. North Korea threatens Hawaii. And Hurricane Andres disintegrated before our eyes. No wind. No rain. Nada.

It is good to know that some things still operate they way they did in years before. We normally don’t see hurricanes coming this way until end of July or first week of August at the earliest. We will see if this holds true in 2009.

Tropical Storm Andres – Heading Towards Baja!

Unbelievable as it may seem, the first tropical storm of the season is aiming for Baja Sur. Predicted to be a category 1 hurricane later today, Andres is heading directly to the tip of Baja Sur at this moment. Of course it could change directions and either head west out to sea, east into the mainland or up into the Sea of Cortez.

At the very least, we¬† should get rain here in the Todos Santos area and some mild winds. I can’t recall a storm threatening Todos Santos this early in the season. Even wackier, our weather has been delightful – this morning is was 60F and foggy with a very chill wind blowing from the north. It really makes no sense but that’s the new norm – la clima loca.

You can check out the latest at

It’s Tropical Weather Season In Todos Santos Baja Mexico

Yep, it’s true! Officially beginning on May 15th, I believe, the hurricane season is under way. We have already had 3 disturbed areas with potential for tropical development (known as “invests”) and the third one became a tropical depression today. It would be amazingly unusual for it to come as far north as Todos Santos, but it is certain to change our weather and possibly bring early rain. Normally these storms pass way south of us, either flying out the west or barreling east into the Mexican mainland. This one looks to do the latter.

However, they do change our weather. Our temps usually rise about 5 – 10 F while they are south of us and then stay 5 F higher after they pass. This continues with each storm until we have reached our summer plateau of nightly lows around 80F. So yesterday, our day got warmer and last night was humid and the warmest yet. The pattern that these storms bring seems to be on track. It was very cloudy this morning, enough to make people wonder if it might actually rain. But by mid afternoon it cleared and the sun was very hot.

The latest on Tropical Depression One-E from is here:

Tropical Depression One-E

El Calendario de Todos Santos – Summer 2009 Issue Online Today

I just finished posting the Summer 2009 issue of El Calendario de Todos Santos on the web. The print issue should be out on the streets by Tuesday, June 9. We have changed our printing schedule slightly to accommodate the horrendous slowdown in tourism here. We will not print an October issue this year but will begin printing again in November. Hopefully by then, tourism will be increasing. Click on the image below to go to the El Calendario website where you can view the summer issue in its entirety.

El Calendario de Todos Santos - Summer 2009 Cover

El Calendario de Todos Santos - Summer 2009 Cover