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Todos Santos, Los Cabos, East Cape and Casa Bentley Meet The Australian

The fame of our little paradise continues its spread, reaching all the way to the press in Australia. Check out this nugget from TheAustralian.Com

On The Crest Of A Mexican Wave

Cabo Cortes And Gold Mines

I don’t have any special info on this but the Gringo Gazette says that the Cabo Cortes project in Cabo Pulmo (see previous posts on this blog) is back on track, having reached an agreement with locals (including environmental protestors) to make changes to the development. These types of projects rarely just shut down, there is too much money at stake.

Also in the bad news category, I hear that the gold mine people have formed a new company with a less recognizable name (sorry I don’t have the name) and have once again applied for permits to do open pit gold mining in the local mountains.

When I have names and websites, I will post them.

Las Tunas Dune Construction Update

I noticed over the last 8-9 days during my morning beach walks, that no work was being done on the dune house construction in Las Tunas, Todos Santos. There are still materials and a cement mixer on the property but no workers, no progress.

Today I was informed that once again the building site has been closed down by PROFEPA, the Mexican environmental protection agency. The house is apparently in violation of several building code issue, including the distance of the setback from the crest of the dune. There are once again whispers of the house being torn down but only time will tell.

It’s Been A While

Sorry about that, really. I haven’t posted in at least three weeks. They have been very busy weeks. Our magazine, El Calendario de Todos Santos, is ramping up for another production year and there were a lot of tedious details to resolve including setting up the new blog with events listings – El Calendario Blog. The traditional festival commemorating the patron saint of Todos Santos was held October 8 – 12. I have photos but would rather wait until I move the blog to post them. I hope to get started on that in the next 5-10 days.

Not that much has been happening here. Businesses that were closed in September are slowing opening back up. This will be remembered as the summer that nearly wasn’t. We only had about 3 truly hot weeks here in Todos Santos. By the end of September, nights became very cool and days were only hot out in the sun. The first north surf swell arrived in early October, unheard of! Nighttime temps are currently in the mid 60’s and the winds are blowing strong from the north. It feels like late November.

The local economy is struggling. Great real estate deals abound. If you were waiting, now may be your time.