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Some Upcoming Events in the Todos Santos Baja Area

Just thought I would pass these along:

Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:00pm
Galerias Pax Painting contest
Location: Guillermo Prieto 1250, col. Centro, La Paz, BCS

Sat Oct 31, 2009
Halloween at Hotel California in Todos Santos
Costumes, prizes, raffles and music, free admission. Benefits Grupo USP, Group for Security of the Beaches who are training lifeguards for Cerritos and other beaches.

Fri Nov 6, 2009 7:00pm
Twinings, Stories and Dances from the Third World
SunErgos Theatre Touring Company will present the production “Twinings, Stories and Dances from the Third World”. Explore man’s sense of wit, humor and wisdom as SunErgos celebrates the variety and unity of traditional tales, dance and myth from around the world. All proceeds will support the BECA Scholarship Program of The Palapa Society of Todos Santos, A.C. This event is made possible by the generosity of Greg Morris and Natalie Carrington of Alberta, Canada. Tickets: Adults $50 pesos, Children $20 pesos.

La Canada del Diablo in Todos Santos

Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:00pm
Open Reading at Michael’s at the Gallery in Todos Santos
Please come and read your original work under five minutes. New readers welcome. Drinks available for purchase.


Photos Today – Las Tunas Todos Santos Baja

Just a couple of quick photos of the neighborhood from my second floor. Both were taken this morning around 7 am MDT while moderate winds were still blowing. The strongest winds were obscured by darkness – not good for photos.

Sept 2 - 7am MDT - My Neighbors Palapa and Palms in the Wind

Sept 2 - 7am MDT - My Neighbor's Palapa and Palms in the Wind

Sept 2 - 7am MDT - Looking West Towards Pacific Ocean

Sept 2 - 7am MDT - Looking West Towards Pacific Ocean

Todos Santos Is All Good

I drove around town looking to see what damage the storm might have done. Basically none! Streets are dirty with leaves, mud and some small tree limbs. Cafelix lost his big metal sign – the metal post appears to have blown over at the sidewalk level.

Many businesses are closed. There aren’t many people out on the streets, tourists  or local. Town is quiet.  I am not going to post photos since there is nothing to really see.

Right now the sun is out, skies partly cloudy, temps moderate, the wind is still blowing from the south at 20+ mph and there are whitecaps on the ocean. Jimena was odd in that the winds never shifted. Normally when a storm passes on the west side of us, we get southeast, then south, then west winds. The winds have been from the south for the entire storm period. Go figure.

Also odd this storm – the fact that we mostly didn’t lose power, water or phone. I heardthat some localized areas lost power due to their transformers failing but there was not a system wide failure. Kudos to CFE (electric commission), aqua municipal and Telmex.

That’s all for now.

Todos Santos is Doing Well – Jimena Spared Us

Hey, no worries. The storm moved a bit more to the west. The rain stopped and the winds started last night around 9-10 pm. We never lost electricity in Las Tunas nor internet access. Que milagro!

No flooding in my area. Winds were likely 40-50 mph with gusts up to 65-70 most of last night – that much wind makes a fair amount of noise. Still windy now but less so. Looking around my neighborhood I see no signs of damage. I’ll check out Todos Santos proper later today and post photos.

It’s All Good So Far in Todos Santos

You know what – this storm should be kicking us but it isn’t – I don’t know why but at 9:14 pm MDT we have winds and some rain but no killer storm. Jimena seems to have weakened and must have moved even further to the west. Todos Santos is okay as of this hour. Let’s thanks our angels that protect us — once again we have dodged a terrible storm or so it seems.

Still Raining – Still Waiting in Todos Santos Baja

I’ll keep posting as long as we have internet and electricity. You can count on us losing both at some point during the storm. Right now all is calm. The storm seemed to have moved a bit west overnight and if it moves a bit more, we will avoid the worst of it. Let’s hope for the best.

I took some photos at 2 pm our time. Nothing special but something for all who are concerned to see.

Sept 1 - 2pm MDT - View to West

Sept 1 - 2pm MDT - View to West

Sept 1 - 2 pm MDT - SouthEast View from Todos Santos Baja

Sept 1 - 2 pm MDT - SouthEast View from Todos Santos Baja

View of Surf from Todos Santso Baja - Sept 1 - 2 pm MDT

Distant View of Surf from Todos Santos Baja - Sept 1 - 2 pm MDT

That’s all for now. No wind. Just intermittent rain and lots of it. Everything is wet!